Shorts, New SFF Short: The Devil of Destiny

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Why hello, friends. In case you didn’t see this video on YouTube, then you might have missed that Smooth Few Films is going to be making some content again. We haven’t made much ado about this, so that might be a surprise.

Double surprise: we just created a new Destiny Short called “The Devil of Destiny.”

You should watch it. And tell your friends.

Thank you all so much for still checking on this space. Stay tuned for more.

5 thoughts on “New SFF Short: The Devil of Destiny

  1. Dan Sheehan

    Alright! A SFF original! I know you guys probably won’t be as active in this as half a decade ago, but I am still clinging to this site and am very happy that you are still popping some ideas out!

  2. Gadfly Jim

    I’ll never forgive you for ending leet world though…JK awesome film guys, hope to see more from you in the future.

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