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Well, you asked for it enough and now you have it: the music from the Episode 11 trailer. Those with keen ears may have recognized that the music first appeared in Episode 4, during the bulk of Round 2’s epic face-off. The song is aptly titled “Ambush at Bombsite B”.

There is a reason we don’t always release what you guys ask (and in some cases, beg) for. And not just because we’re jerks. Part of the issue is that these “songs” that are recorded by Jace (aka DamnDangerous) are really just snippets or pieces of music that are scored to the particular scene in which they appear in the episode. That means they’re only about 20 seconds long in some cases or two minutes long in others, depending on the scene.

For instance, we get a lot of requests for the Producer’s “theme”- but in reality, it is only 15 seconds long or so, and we take issue with releasing boring or lackluster content. However, something cool is in the works as far as the music of The Leet World goes that I think you all will heart very much. Stay tuned.

Ambush at Bombsite-B