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Happy Birthday to Us

Funny how time flies.

One year ago, we released the trailer for The Leet World on our old blogspot. Since then, we’ve devoted the last year to making this show in our free time. The only break we had was for about two weeks in January, and even then we were working on “A Day in the Life of a Turret”, so not really. It’ll be kind of nice when we’re done for the season and I can, you know, play some video games or sleep in on a Saturday.

Since that launch one year ago, we’ve seen some awesome stuff happen. Our community has grown and gotten larger, more than some of you even know. When we started, we would see maybe a few hundred visitors a day, whereas now we see thousands. Hopefully, we’ll just see that growth continue as we keep pressing on in our creative endeavors.

We definitely want to thank you guys yet again for all the support you’ve shown us in the last year. Some of you have been here since the beginning and some of you are fairly new. Either way, we appreciate all that you’ve done, and thanks for watching our goofy show.

Happy Birthday!

A couple of quick updates: there are some cool announcements coming over the next two weeks. Also, we won’t be putting the trailer on our website until we can get music on it that we actually own.