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This is the new Smooth Few Films home base. Still a work in progress, and you’ll see some new things added in the next few days.

As you can see, there have been lots of changes to the site, though for those of you who are familiar with it, it should feel like home in no time. All of your log-ins should still work just fine, and the forums are in-tact as well. If for some reason you find an issue or problem with the new site, just let us know.

A couple of quick notes:

  • You must register to comment. Spam was getting kind of out of control on the previous site towards the end of the season, and we need to kind of cut some of that down as we move forward, since traffic will be back to normal once we’re releasing videos again.
  • To get a picture next to your name, go sign up at Gravatar. Super-easy, and it helps give you an identity now that you’ve registered.

Web Zeroes should be out within a day or so. It’s been finished for a bit, we just decided we wanted to wait until our new site was done before we rolled it out. Kind of a grand opening, if you will.

Also, be sure to thank Nick and Jeff who did such a good job constructing this whole thing and putting it together while I have played Castle Crashers and Halo 3. They are kind of awesome. The dudes, not the games, but the games too.

Happy Birthday to Us

Funny how time flies.

One year ago, we released the trailer for The Leet World on our old blogspot. Since then, we’ve devoted the last year to making this show in our free time. The only break we had was for about two weeks in January, and even then we were working on “A Day in the Life of a Turret”, so not really. It’ll be kind of nice when we’re done for the season and I can, you know, play some video games or sleep in on a Saturday.

Since that launch one year ago, we’ve seen some awesome stuff happen. Our community has grown and gotten larger, more than some of you even know. When we started, we would see maybe a few hundred visitors a day, whereas now we see thousands. Hopefully, we’ll just see that growth continue as we keep pressing on in our creative endeavors.

We definitely want to thank you guys yet again for all the support you’ve shown us in the last year. Some of you have been here since the beginning and some of you are fairly new. Either way, we appreciate all that you’ve done, and thanks for watching our goofy show.

Happy Birthday!

A couple of quick updates: there are some cool announcements coming over the next two weeks. Also, we won’t be putting the trailer on our website until we can get music on it that we actually own.


If you’re here for Episode Five, scroll down, or check it out on our episodes page.

Been kind of a crazy day, but thanks to you guys, we managed to hit the front page of digg.com! The site ran a little slower earlier today because of that, but we managed to get a high volume of new viewers here, so that was great. We hope that people continue to enjoy the show. It wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea on digg, but that’s what people on the internet do- they crap on each other. Thanks dudes.