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On Dragons

dragonSince we like you guys, we thought we’d bring you a shiny new episode. This one has dragons in it. Well, sort of. Episode 5 of Web Zeroes, Dungeons and Date Night, sees Nate, Alex and Ray trying to play a game of D&D on the same night that Alex and Diane are supposed to have a romantic evening together. As you can imagine, these two things do not mix well. Also, JJ makes an appearance in this episode as Max.

Like I said last time, this is one of the two episodes we knocked out on that big weekend that Jace and JJ came for a visit, bestowing upon us their awesomeness. It was much appreciated. Also appreciated were the responses to the last episode.

Episodic shows always take a bit of time to get rolling, and this show is no different. We were like a machine on the production of Leet World, and it took us nearly half a season to get there. This is a different animal entirely, and we like the steps we’re making. Some day, she will be fully tamed. At least, we hope. She might just trample us under her burly hooves.

But before that happens, hit the jump and watch Episode 5 of Web Zeroes!
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