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On Dragons

dragonSince we like you guys, we thought we’d bring you a shiny new episode. This one has dragons in it. Well, sort of. Episode 5 of Web Zeroes, Dungeons and Date Night, sees Nate, Alex and Ray trying to play a game of D&D on the same night that Alex and Diane are supposed to have a romantic evening together. As you can imagine, these two things do not mix well. Also, JJ makes an appearance in this episode as Max.

Like I said last time, this is one of the two episodes we knocked out on that big weekend that Jace and JJ came for a visit, bestowing upon us their awesomeness. It was much appreciated. Also appreciated were the responses to the last episode.

Episodic shows always take a bit of time to get rolling, and this show is no different. We were like a machine on the production of Leet World, and it took us nearly half a season to get there. This is a different animal entirely, and we like the steps we’re making. Some day, she will be fully tamed. At least, we hope. She might just trample us under her burly hooves.

But before that happens, hit the jump and watch Episode 5 of Web Zeroes!
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New and Noteworthy in the Machinima Scene

machinimaEven though we’re not making so much machinima anymore here at Smooth Few Films, it doesn’t deter my interest in it. I still like to scour and search for what’s new out there in the wide world of video game movie-making, just to see what other people are doing and what games they’re using.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem that any game has made as big of a splash for the machinima community as Halo 3 did back in 2007. It’s crazy to me that it’s just over 2 years later, and we’re still waiting on the next engine to come and revitalize amateur filmmakers to try out some of their own stuff. Uncharted 2 just dropped for the PS3, and it has some machinima tools hidden within its depths, if only you can make it past the incredible single player campaign (and trust me, it is quite incredible). I also hear that Dragon Age: Origins coming out next month will make use of some rather robust tools.

In terms of some of the new things I’m seeing out there that hold promise, a couple of things come to mind. Red Vs Blue Recreation once again sets the standard for awesomeness. SgtPadrino has some remarkable Call of Duty videos that he’s been scripting together, and they’re impressive as anything I’ve seen in recent months. Likewise, Mystfit continues to work away on some custom TF2 animations. Can’t wait to see what the results of those experiments are. Running Gun (creators of Spriggs) are steadily releasing a fully scripted Fallout 3 machinima called JudgeMental. And then there’s good old Darkspire Films, who just released the Candy Coated Wonder Road, a Halo 3 children’s show.

So what do you guys think the state of machinima is? What are some of your favorite machinimas out there right now?

Also, Web Zeroes Episode 3 hits tomorrow, and some new TLW outtakes should be up later this week- hope to see you back for both of those!

FAQ’in Around

faqIt really is nice to have the Web Zeroes announcement out in the open. We’ve been working our butts off on the rebooted version of the series for a couple of months now to make the Fall release date.

The support coming in from you guys and from other places has been really awesome for us, especially after giving our all to get that TLW Finale up. Thanks for that. We even got some nice props from Burnie Burns, of a little outfit known as Rooster Teeth.

In recent days, JJ has updated the trusty SFF FAQ page. We’re still taking some questions, so send them in. A few of you have been asking some questions about the new show. So I thought I’d answer those and a few more below the jump:
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