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Christmas Outtakes

Well, I just wanted to wish all you guys a hearty Merry Christmas from the dudes at Smooth Few Films. We’re mostly taking the next week or so off because of the holidays, family and traveling, and so far it’s been particularly epic. I’ve played the junk out of Fable II and Left 4 Dead, and have many more games to get to.

The Christmas Special will go up early next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that. Lots of laughs from The Leet World cast.

And lastly, here’s our Christmas present to you. Audio outtakes from the first two episodes of Season 2. My favorite parts include the many discussions on “pew”, as well as the return of Cortez Cardinal, ace attorney.


Right click the direct link and hit “save as” to download. Enjoy, and have a great holiday!