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Pardon Our Dust2Dust

I now bring to you guys the third track of the illustrious TLW soundtrack penned by sir Jace Ford, Dust2Dust. Many of you will remember that we released this tune under the name of Ambush at Bombsite B when Episode 4 of TLW first aired. Since then, Jace has done a little bit more to it, and I actually love the re-release more than the original, and that’s saying a lot.

Listen. Enjoy. Feel epic.


Right click and save as to save that to your demon machines.

I saw a pretty cool review of Web Zeroes the other day, and I thought I would pass it along. Definitely nice when people recognize the hard work that went into the show, and the spirit of its geekitude, something we really strove for during its production.

And continuing on that cool stuff vibe, I’ve got a couple of more links for you guys. One, for all of you old school PC gamers out there, we got a retro feature up on GamerSushi the other day about how to make a Myst movie that doesn’t suck. Two, I’ve done a piece on my blog about my ridiculous fan nerd love of Final Fantasy 7 and how it changed me as a gamer.

Attack those at your leisure.

On Extras and Ninjas

Like ninjas, we plan on giving some long overdue extra content in the next few weeks. I know that some of you are longing for a podcast, and believe me, we have been too. It was sad for us that we never got to record a season finale podcast to wrap up and tell tales of that huge finale and what went into it. But soon, you’ll be hearing a lot of that stuff.

Speaking of extras, check out our new feature at GamerSushi, Shattered Save Slots, where we tackle some of our favorite games. This week is Final Fantasy VII.

Also, outtakes are on the way. There’s some pretty good stuff from the first couple of episodes, and possibly even more Cortez Cardinal: Ace Attorney in there as well.

Here are some screenshots from Episode 3 of Web Zeroes. We got some great footage last weekend. I think this is going to be a pretty solid episode.

All part of the plan... The beard's addiction. An offer you can't refuse...

You know what else is full of ninjas? Christmas. Who knew it was next week? It came like a thief in the shadows. Next time, I’ll be ready.