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Halo 3: The Over-Achiever

A young soldier struggles to find meaning in a world that is driven by Achievements. This is a short created in the Halo 3 engine, captured at 720p. Anyone that’s had any experience in the world of XBox Live should understand the plight of the characters involved. We hope you all enjoy it. We’re thinking that this could turn into a regular series of shorts created in Halo.

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If you’re interested, this video was created for a contest over at Ziddio. You can check out the contest by clicking on this link. Be sure to sign up and give us a vote (FYI: 5 stars is the best)! Registration takes, literally, seconds. Every vote helps us win!

There are also several versions available for your viewing pleasure:
640 x 360 Mpeg4
HD Mpeg 4
640 x 360 WMV

Also, since somebody is going to ask- Episode Eight will be out later this week. More details coming soon!