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Know About Your Desktop

Thanks for all the responses on Know About It from this weekend, we’re glad that you guys enjoyed it. Our goal this season is to try and get a few more TLW shorts out than we did last year, so it was nice to get something like that released. Besides, only Chet can give that kind of a life lesson.

In other news, Episode 6 will be coming later this week. Nick is currently doing some sound design while Daniel and I are working ahead on Episode 7. The last few weeks have been particularly brutal, thanks to this monster called machinima. We’re definitely looking forward to the short time we’ll take off after Episode 7 so we can recharge and get ready for the second half of the season.

Anywho, the other day I mentioned that I’d bring the Know About It theme for your desktop. So, have it.


Also, we’ve got a cool new feature up at GamerSushi about the myth of the “killer” game. Check it out.


The Drunken PSA

We’d like to introduce the first edition of Know About It, the PSA series where Chet teaches you valuable life lessons. In this installment, our party animal discusses the many finer points of Spring Break, and how to survive it like a true bro-fessional.

Hopefully we get to do a few more PSA’s just like this one in the near future. The idea of Chet being an expert on anything at all is kind of funny to us. And maybe just a little bit scary.

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