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Storm’s Coming

stormThanks for all the comments on Episode 5. Like I’ve said before, we’re really getting into the swing of things this season. It is getting rather served, as some friendly folks are wont to say.

The story is just starting to get to the good stuff. Two more episodes, and we’ll be sitting on the half way mark of the season. How I wish you dudes knew what was marching relentlessly towards you…

I’ve been playing the junk out of Civilization Revolution lately. For a console RTS, the controls aren’t bad, and it’s actually surprisingly fun. Also, for those of you that played Mass Effect, there is a sequel coming, and the teaser rules.

The last episode ended on a bit of an ominous note. The storm is coming, and we’ve even got a few screenshots to prove it.

tlw206screen01 tlw206screen02 tlw206screen03