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The Body Count

We’re happy with Episode Three. Challenge episodes are always interesting because you never quite know how the action’s going to turn out until it all cuts together. It seems many of you enjoyed it however, so thanks for the awesome responses. If you think things are nuts so far, just wait until you see where this season goes.

I have a new favorite topic on our forums right now. Poster “Tigerking” put together a list of how many kills each TLW character has racked up over the course of the show. I’m sure it took him quite a bit of time to come up with his final numbers, and it’s pretty darn impressive. It’s also a good glimpse into the skill levels that we’ve given to each of our characters, because believe me, we really are intentional about when each of them gets a chance to own somebody. So please do yourself a favor and check out the TLW Body Count.

Also, I bring gifts in the form of screenshots from Episode 4. I wanted to bring candy and/or enchiladas, but these tubes that make up the Internet are of an unsettling restrictive nature.

tlw204screenshot1 tlw204screenshot2 tlw204screenshot3

There. It’s not food, but it’ll have to do.