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Rolling on the Second

We’re incredibly relieved that Season Two has made its debut, after months of planning and a few weeks of diligent production. What was cool about Episode 1 was that it was technically finished last Tuesday, but we were able to spend a couple of days polishing and tweaking some of the edit. Plus, there was that day where we gorged like heifers.

Episode Two rolls onward. Because of our new production method of filming three and four episode chunks, we’re currently in the middle of shooting the third episode while the second is in post. Hot stuff.

I know a few of you are asking about when it’s coming out, but we’re still not sure yet. There are a lot of factors that go into releasing an episode, and getting them all to coincide is like conjuring some exotic spell from a bubbling cauldron. Dumbledore’s wand, etc.

I promised some screenshots from Episode Two, and here they are.

Enjoy. Also, I just added a sweet feature to GamerSushi about gaming’s best guns. FPS for the win. Go check it out!