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Webcomics and Pranks

Here is Episode 12 of Web Zeroes, <a href=”http://smoothfewfilms.com/2009/12/23/chicken-and-beard/” “target=”_blank”>Chicken and Beard, uploaded for your entertainment (con lulz, as they would say in Spanish). In this episode, the trio continue development on the iPhone app while starting a new Web comic called Chicken and Beard. It’s a very literal name, and is actually based on some stuff Daniel did at one point. Anywho, there are some twists and developments by the end that make for a good time.

This leads us right into the finale of Season 1, which will be coming out next week right on schedule. We don’t take breaks for Christmas apparently. Anyway, after Season 1 is done, we’ll be taking a bit of time off before Season 2 starts up, since we’ve been working like burros for right about the last year and a half. Basically we had no down time after Leet World and jumped straight into Web Zeroes, so we’re dying for some time to drink margaritas and play video games until our thumbs fall off. Or we become zombies.

To go ahead and watch this new, sweet episode (written by Jeff James, yet again), hit the jump. Before you do that, you might want to vote for us in the Streamys.
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