81 thoughts on “Death’s Dungeon

  1. Es3

    I know you guys too well, I knew it would be up tonight. Have to watch it before college course in the morning.

  2. Octarine Fruitcake

    I have been visiting the site everyday for the last week hoping to find it. Refreshed the page and it was there. And now I want more!

    Good cliffhanger by the way


    Will player escape and kill the scientist or something? I cant wait

  3. Fergzboy

    Omg T3h Gu4Rd5 are in CRYOSUITSS!!! Good Game

    Once again, another bloody fantastic episode by SFF.
    Another Cliffhanger, no complaints tho.


  4. Stealth_M0dE

    Dude what the.. Why they should kill player? maybe he is not an evil cyborg like the others

  5. reflexiz

    Good episode! Cool that leeroy is back 🙂 But player is not evil! Hes a cool “killing machine” 😛



    I just counted my OMGs, and then I lost track of them…

    Amazing episode. I loved the Nano muscle suit like skins for the guards, thats cool.

    Keep it up! I smell more epicness…

  7. Mky93

    I luv it..

    OMG.. do they rly gonna kill player?.. hope not..
    I hope Player is not like the other “Players” (“,)

    LW Yeahh!!

  8. Sebbish

    Gr8 episode!!

    btw what’s the name of the map where the base is? it’s one of the valve made maps right?

  9. sashkod

    THEY HAVE TO WHAT!!!!!!!!!
    OH NO NO NO NO NOOO!!!!!!

  10. Doogan

    PLEASEZ Don’t Kill PLAYER!!!!!

    He Cool!!!

    And he would totally pwn the rest of the team if they tried as he would say his super secret words…….


  11. cRash

    The ending caught me by surprise, but I thought much, and a good idea is the Player killing is ‘Player Machines’.
    Player will live, but he help the CT’s and Terrorists, to kill that ‘Player Machines’.
    I like this idea, but I’m pretty sure you are going to surprise me.

  12. MayoR

    I love you guys. And I cant wait for the rest of the season
    Thinking up this plot must have been a doozie but its amazing.

  13. codybuRr

    This episode was amazing.

    Finally after this long wait, all the secrets are beginning to unfold.

    I was thouoghly blown away by the twists, and i was dying for leeroy to return, hes so genius.

    best episode evarr!


  14. prosauce

    dude why player! good episode but WHY PLAYER! first ahmad and now player im so scared for players life right now

    but it was a really good episode good job

  15. n7eightyeight

    Very nice episode! As always, you guys never do less than your best! Everything is almost explained!
    I bet Mendoza is hidden in the death room as well and they froze his body in real life. The leet world contestants will kill the producer and use his research to revive Mendoza, so that the Terrorists have a 4th. As for Player, he will die but be brought back to life because he’s a cyborg, after all. Just a theory. What do you guys think?

  16. Alucard55455

    LEEROY he bak that is awsome
    hehe cortez is funny
    but plz dont kill PLAYER!!!!!!!!

  17. prototype

    (nice suits from crysis)

  18. NINJA375

    No i think player is gonna infiltrate and do as a prototype player so he can enter that army and kill the producer with both the teams of the leetworld.

  19. MeiMeiDofu

    Yay, awesome episode as always! I wanna d/l so badly.
    Just wondering though, when there it showed the player cyborg formation thing, why was there an empty space?
    They gave off the same sound the death room normally gives off, so i guess it came from them?

  20. Ganoosh

    Great episode SFF <3 it

    But im confused…how is it that when ellis and player walked around the death rom they only found the dead end wall with the invisible door in it. But when Leeroy had a snoop around he found a whole fucking organisation…beats me lol

    keep up great work, SFF fan for LIFE!!! =D=D=D=D


  21. prosauce

    ok this is just a question are you guys going to release the leet world house and the death room up for download? when the show is over? It would be cool if you did and fi you guys read this can you please get back to me because I would really like to know thank you.

  22. PlAY3R

    that’s why he’s been able to be like a real human like the others…

    he has the ability to learn and be more of a human than he could ever be

  23. Flav0rFlav

    Wait the noobeto could come back now!!!!!

    sence the death room was activated he would go to the death room no?

  24. marTy

    Wait, if they kill Player he will be in deathroom
    and he can find doctor Sooong there and for that join a
    Evil cyborgs army and betray cyborgs !

    Cool anyway ! Please make next episode faster nobody can’t wait 🙂 😉

  25. TheRomp

    The cyborg that ahmad built from leeroys instructions is gonna be ahmad I think! I kno right?

  26. Mennace

    This episode is about as good as hanging me by the balls using a rubber glove, feels amazing at first…….. turns out it aint……. and then you just wanna do it ALLLLLLLL over again 😀

  27. Night_Shade_13

    Great job with the episodes guys, keep them coming for as long as you can.

    They’re gonna try to kill Player? I hope Player wins

  28. SuperBuu


    And hey, The Scientist’s pet is Player. Plaer was his “pet project”

    But the Producer just wants to create an army of killing machines to conquer the living world. Player and both teams will stop them, though. BUT THEN THE BOTS WILL OVERWHELM THEM AND TEAMS LOSE!


    The Ahmad machine he was building with Lerroy’s computer emerges, and comes to kick their asses. It kills most of the bots because it’s a living AIMBOT O_O_O_O_OOOOOOOO

    Ahmad-bot Then attacks the gaurds and Player appears to his side. They fight their waytand assault every bot they see. Ahmad-bot breaks down and then finally, the climax comes. Westheimer Says he’s sick of The Producer’s sick games, comes right in front of him, and shoot him in the head. Then you hear when time slows down:

    “MM what you saaaaaaaaay, ahh that your only man weeeeeent cuz u didnt….”

    And Westheimr drops the gun and falls to his knees, the others watching silently as the old man finally won his corruption.

    Let’s see how the movie comes out ^_^ as i did the last episodes just there.. Meh.

  29. - Anonymous -

    SUperBuu you got it all figured out haven’t you?

    [quote comment=”16014″]Wait, if they kill Player he will be in deathroom
    and he can find doctor Sooong there and for that join a
    Evil cyborgs army and betray cyborgs !

    Cool anyway ! Please make next episode faster nobody can’t wait 🙂 ;)[/quote]

    If they kill player, he won’t go to the death room…he’ll die for real. There is no challenge activated.

  30. Hartcorps

    I cant wait for two weeks or three or four i can wait just one week or i will go Fucking John Rambo!!! (.*.)

  31. Stefanus Lie

    Dude, this episode is huge!!! I have never known that leeroy is that good!! He really is a ninja!!

  32. MrMcStupid

    I could be wrong but judgeing from what i saw “Player” is not this “Killing machine” people thing he his. if you payed attion the doc says he was built to *lern* not to kill “It’s your secondary objective”- The Doc

  33. MrMcStupid

    [quote comment=”15971″]Doctor has a pet i want to know what the pet looks like.maybe a headcrab[/quote]

    The pet is player 😛 even says so

  34. iwillbringdomination

    i dont suppose anyone noticed in 2.10 leeroy’s computer talking about her growing desire to overthrow her master and lead an army of robots? also, player was told to standby at leeroy’s computer, anyone see what im getting at?

  35. ChakramAttack

    Don’t kill Player!
    I’ll die if you kill Player!
    He is the most awesome of awesomesauce~!

    Leet world is the most awesome thing of ALL time!
    I love it! Hurry guys, and make another episode, so I can feed my addiction!!

  36. Homsar

    Okay so, great job guys and everything, but I have a question. Do you guys have a store? Like, TLW T-shirts or something? I would KILL for one of those.

  37. ChromeMalice

    Chet prolly gonna save play3rs ass.

    Non-Player Version :

    Chet is probably going to save Player’s ass

  38. M.J.

    Actually, The ipod version (the one I download) has only one episode in hd. Btw I really appreciate you guys sticking with this series for so long 🙂

  39. Aessari

    Eddy, it doesnt work, its geting saved as 1kb mp4 file wich is nothing, tryed all ways.

    Earlyer you also could watch the HD here (downloaded from there), but when you click it, it says 504 error or somethin like that. And “save as” doesnt work.

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