The Leet World, 1.10: Reel Drama

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The cast members try to resume their daily routines after a rough couple of weeks, but it’s proving a little difficult. The feud between two contestants begins to boil to a fury- will Leeroy’s new project be enough to keep morale afloat? And Westheimer makes a shocking discovery!

70 thoughts on “Reel Drama

  1. Caboose

    YAY!!!! My patience has paid off! I’m glad I have access to the internet in my next class. Hmm, school… Leet World… school…. leet world…. Leet world!

  2. Cid102

    lolzor the opening sequence, where player follows ahmah, reminds me of the whack-a-mole game. AND JUST SAY NO TO HAX5!!!

  3. adam iaboni

    OMG. lol .. this is like the best web series ever…

    better than red vs blue even!!!

    lol.. best part is when west is like “dont turn a blind eye to this, no pun intended” 😛 lol

  4. ashot kagramaniants

    omgbbq .. this is teh best episode yet.. rofl.. my favorite character is montrose.. 🙂 he is so cute and funny.. reminds me of my friend, not saying any names here. 😛 keep up the good work ..

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  6. Dinasis

    Awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens during the second Challenge.

    Question, though: any reason for the lack of a DLable .wmv or non-Apple/Quicktime version?

  7. Magnesium

    oh kewl, u guys should do a DVD movie on this
    and it would be nice, if leeroy would hack ahmad’s hack 😀
    or if ahmad joins up with Mr.DOMINATION GUY

  8. Enigma

    flippin’ Sweet!! wish i could be apart of it XD love this serious!, “Nub Not Real Nub! Nub Ninja!!” Lol

  9. Firetaco

    AWSOME! Cant wait for next one.
    Im happy things are on a roll now, not like the huge 8-9 Break. But alteast they’ll be out more frequently.

  10. Jimmy the Snowman

    Ahmad will you stop playing with yourself? There’s a line.
    I’m not touching myslef!


  11. Kris

    fak nub not nub no more!!1! HE NINJA! lol keep up the good work guys cant wait till the next episode i love player he is the best

  12. SliX

    Nice episodes (9&10) but Episode 3 is definity the best episode EVER! when the camra man get’s powned by Cortez:) Love your shows^^

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  14. wAr1oCk

    This is full of epic win, seriously guys GG i really want to thank the great people at for putting such a uber l33t show on the net your more popular then Athene the noobiest pally in the world.

  15. Unskilled

    Man, seriously, i think you should release on dvd too! and damn, it would be cool to be a part of this show, freackin sweet bra!

  16. player

    this is the best show ive ever seen lol

    keep up the great work guys

    how many eps do you intend one season to contain?

  17. sonicxII

    this is the bst eoisode ever dont stop whit the seris dont stop whit the seris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolz amhode is a god damn nub

  18. carl

    dam you guys are so good i coudl watch all day if you guys have msn add me and tell me when the next one is comein out

  19. Greek


  20. Poison

    L33T WORLD is the best, better than the rest. but i dont like westheimer and leeroy

  21. UNIT675

    i think ahmad is using hacks then used them to back in when he just started and tryed to kill them all since they were mean to him so the whisper guy is ahmad!

  22. Thor

    i have a feeling that adam sizzler is from ocho muertos.Just a feeling.Maybe they have a device that makes him talk to ahmad.

  23. Tarik

    when player was focused on ahmad that was teebaging a rock i noticed something… he is blonde, blue eyed and appears to be 20 years old…

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