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Last Action Hero

We now present to you Season 2, Episode 10, Wake Me Up Before You Go. This is a pretty big one, and you’ll see why when you watch it. Next to Episode 7 and the Finale, it’s maybe the biggest of the season. Be careful when reading comments, as there will be spoilers run amok. We even disabled the “recent comments” feature on the sidebar in order to prevent accidental spoil-age.

In this episode, we see what happens when Asher goes rogue, and the consequences unleashed upon the cast. Be sure to check out the wicked TLW Premiere Page to watch a higher res version. Clear your cache if the page is still showing the old episode.

Or just hit the jump to see the normal version!

6/7 EDIT: A few have mentioned that the audio mix had some issues. It’s updated now. Watch the episode again!
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Funny Business

Episode 9 and 10 Outtakes, anyone? They’ve arrived. I’m excited, because 1) I’m a fan of extras, and 2) it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to post outtakes. The funny thing is, we would do it every episode, but we’ve gotten fairly efficient at getting in the sound booth (my closet) and getting our stuff done. Occasionally, we start goofing around or forget that we’re being recorded, and that’s when you get these comic gems.


Episode 11 is currently being filmed. Some of the first screenshots will be up this weekend.

Leeroy’s Masterpiece

We promised it when we released Episode 10, so here it is: the premier of Leeroy’s short film, “Conform”.

[Sarcasm]  It is a heartfelt drama about… well, really, you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves. Leeroy’s a deep thinker, you see, and that kind of stuff just goes over my head.

Other quotes about the movie:

“NeEDS MOAR SeTS!11!”- Player

“A digimal triumph.”- Ellis

“I don’t know what the f— this movie is about.”- Chet

Try to enjoy. You won’t be able to if you’re not artsy enough. At least, that’s what Leeroy told us.[/Sarcasm] Also, expect some more extras by the end of the week.

FYI- This movie is a joke. It’s supposed to be bad.

Chamber of Dorkness

We now present Episode Ten of The Leet World, “Reel Drama”. I think you guys will like the way this one turns out. Stay tuned as the next few updates will bring audio outtakes, a podcast (hopefully), and the public release of a certain cast member’s new movie. Not necessarily in that order.

Enjoy, and feel free to Digg at will!

The Writing Process

It seems the trailer has put people in a bit of a frenzy. Always nice.

In case you’re unaware (meaning that you didn’t pay attention to the credits), Episode Nine had a guest writer: our long-time friend and excellent webmaster, Jeff (unsquare for those of you on the forums). I typically write out the scripts for each episode, which can be a tiring process over the course of a season- so I was definitely excited when Jeff started showing an interest in writing an episode for us a few months ago. He’s one of the more talented writers I know, so that was certainly a bonus, too.

Anywho, Jeff has written an article about the process of writing the episode for us, and I must say it’s a good read, especially for those of you who are interested in how the show is put together. Read it: Jeff’s article about The Leet World.

On another note, please don’t start sending us scripts for episodes of The Leet World- we’re fine, thanks.

More updates: 1)Two more screenshots of Episode Ten can be viewed below. 2)The Halo short should be here in the next couple of days.

Cortez, listen… The Elf Kingdom

The Valentine’s Day Trailer

It’s not quite candy and flowers, but it will have to do.

We try to deliver when we say that there are going to be some nice extras, so I bring a gift: a trailer for Episode Ten of The Leet World. Work on the episode is going well, with the bulk of shooting now complete. It should be out at some point next week, barring some calamity of the heavens. Which, if you’ve been around our “studio”, can (and frequently does) happen. In the meantime, there will be plenty of treats for you guys between now and then- our new short is on its way rather soon.

In addition, here’s some gaming news from the week: Is BioWare making a new KOTOR game, Zero Punctuation assembles some SimCity stuff, Pandemic supposedly making a Battlefield/LOTR style game, a ridiculous MGS 3 video, and a huge TF2 Valentine from Valve.

Pics and Previews

We’re hard at work on some great new content- a short, an episode, and various extras- but none of those endeavors are at the point where we can show anything off, really. So instead, I bring more pictures from our weekend of work. A couple are from Episode Ten, and a couple are from our new Halo short.

Speaking of Halo, I forgot just how pretty the 720p capture was until we started doing it again tonight. I love the way it looks.

Bag-Man Bag-Boy

I think you’ll find one of the Episode Ten shots particularly interesting…

O HAI The King

Back in the Saddle

Filming for Episode Ten has begun as of this week and so far things are on schedule. It’s nice to be back in the habit of making the show after so long away from it. Over the break we had a chance to iron out some plot issues, and figure out some things that worked and didn’t work as far as our pacing went for the first half of the season. I think the end result will be that this half feels smoother, more concise, and just better. Here are some screenshots from Episode Ten:

Underground Meeting Stalking Prey If You Build It

Stay tuned for more extras that you won’t want to miss. There might even be a new short waiting around the corner…

Also, check out our official Steam Community Group and join! I don’t know why I’ve never posted on the site about it before, so forgive me for being a moron.