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The Lost TLW Factoids, Part 1

magnifying-glassThanks for all of the feedback on Episode 1 of Web Zeroes. We’re looking forward to the release of Episode 2 on Wednesday. It’s hard to believe that we’ve already shot 7 of those things, and I’m writing the 8th for this upcoming weekend. The whole thing has been a crazy learning process for all of us at SFF, and hopefully you guys stick with us through it.

I was thinking the other day about The Leet World and doing a bit of reflecting on the Counter-Strike machinima that was, and I remembered some cool pieces of commentary that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys. Normally, this kind of stuff would come up in a podcast, but as we haven’t had any time to ourselves lately, I thought it’d be good to go ahead and post it.

Here are some lost TLW factoids for you to nom on.

  • Player was originally going to be a girl. Yes, how very Spriggs (and Red vs Blue, come to think of it) of us. I’m not sure when the decision was made. Somewhere in the middle of making the first episode, we felt that if Player ever got a voice, the voice would have to be funnier than what he already was. We decided we could never top him as he has always existed in the show, so he stayed voiceless and male-ish.

  • Asher’s original name was Jenkins. As many have surmised, Leeroy, the World of Battlelore player extraordinaire, was named after Leeroy Jenkins. As even more of a nod to the classic video, we were going to name Asher as “Jenkins”. We eventually changed this idea so that people wouldn’t start assuming that Leeroy and Asher were twins, seeing as how they shared the same model. Asher’s actual name is a reference to Ash, the android in Ripley Scott’s Alien.

  • Westheimer was going to be Chet’s father. This is one that I’m still kind of sad we ditched. For whatever reason, we chunked it by the end of season 1, but Westheimer was intended to be Chet’s father. This adds even extra humor to Chet’s lamentation in Episode 5 about never knowing his father.

  • Ahmad’s original murderer? The Producer. After Asher detonated (inside the warehouse instead of outside), the gang was going to leave the burning building behind, assuming Ahmad’s demise was inevitable. He is eventually found by the Producer and some Noonien soldiers. Ahmad reaches to the Producer for help and is shocked when Prod pulls out a silenced pistol, executing him amidst the rubble of de_nuke. The Producer simply walks away, ordering the soldiers to “Clean up this mess”. As awesome as this would have been, it was just a little bit too brutal and far less heroic for our lovable noob.

There are plenty more where those came from. Feel free to send in your questions about The Leet World, I’d love to give out more information like this. And come back on Wednesday for more Web Zeroes!

And the Winner Is…

Det. Dawson, Case File No. 14113

This was pulled from the entertainment page of this morning’s edition of “The Daily Source”. Filed to archives.

After personally reviewing the surveillance tape submitted by Mr. Wolfe, it confirms that Westheimer was indeed at the TLW house as specified in the report. I thought it seemed too easy. Mugshot filed to archives as well:

Westheimer: Leader Lore

Super sweet trailer-slash-season recap is coming soon. I think you guys will enjoy getting a brief tour of the storylines of the season so far. You might even pick up on some things that you missed.

I’ve just finished the detailed outline of part three of the Season Finale and now I’m moving into the writing stage. Shouldn’t be too much of a task, since every other line on the pages say “they shoot at each other”, “they have a bad-ass gun battle” or something of that ilk. I imagine it’s much like the script of Episode III of Star Wars. Only with heart.

As promised, this week we bring you the next installment of our beloved character bios. Today, we focus on none other than the lovable Westheimer.

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Status Report!

I figured this would be a good time to give you guys the low-down on the progress of the Season Finale, as well as other things that are in the works:

  • Part 1 is in post right now. That means it’s getting edited, introduced to the wonderful world of sound design and music, and touched up with color correcting/special effects, etc.
  • We’re currently filming Part 2. This is actually the hardest part of all 3 portions of the Finale to film, for a few reasons that I won’t go into. Shrouds of secrecy, and such.
  • In addition to working on the Finale, we’re working on a special short “behind-the-scenes” video to give you guys a glimpse into production of The Leet World. This will be out after the season is done.
  • A season recap/trailer for the Finale is hitting the site early next week. Be excited. Also, this trailer will have details about when the Finale is coming.
  • Westheimer’s Bio is on deck for the end of the week.

So there you have it, a slew of updates. That’s right, I said slew. Which isn’t past tense for what I do to dragons. That’s straight up slay-age.: