The Leet World, 2.10: Wake Me Up Before You Go

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The Terrorists have been caught in a trap, and it looks like the Counter-Terrorists could be next. How will the cast respond to a renegade Asher… and just how far will someone go to save a friend?

Be careful not to read the comments before watching the video as they are filled with spoilers!

104 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Before You Go

  1. sonic55514

    AMAHDS DEAD NOO *cry* so good nd awsome but so sad can’t wait to see leeroy again *cry*


    man why did Ahmad had 2 die 🙁 i wish he would liv e and kool that leeroys is bak aslo asher got OWNEEDDD!!!!!!! and rip ahmad 🙁

  3. Ninja

    Was awesome. Love the grampa bill reference around 9:18.

    Intro was great but:

    WTF NOOOOOOOO! Great …. scene but NOOOOOOOO. Explosion was meh and full of wow I can’t believe they made ….. blow up. I mean he was already dead.

    Amhad’s rush is a bit confusing the first time I watched it. I didn’t get that he was actually pushing Ascher back until I watched that scene over and over again. It just wasn’t very clear.

    Also why did Leroy fall from sky?

    And when Chet helps Player, does he figure out what is wrong with him? Does Chet know what player is now?

    Either way, great episode.

  4. Ahmad4life

    People! I sure Ahmad is not dead! It’s just something to catch your attention while something bigger happends! I’m sure of it.

  5. Kuilui

    Man that was a great episode. Bye bye Ahmad :(, you will be missed. Now who will say silly things and be the noobito? Does that duty now rest entirely on player? Anyway looking forward to the next episode. Great music by the way.

  6. by1990

    Another great episode. I hope the hax keep Ahmad alive and reappear in the next episode.
    I don’t know if this is just me or not, but is the background music a bit too loud? It kinda covered up the voices 😮

  7. angeloftheafterlife

    a moment of silence for our newest fallen bad-ass

    also, WTF LEROY! he finally made it to the house. and now we know why ahmad was seeing adam sizzler, but what about Plyer?!?!?!?! OMGWTFBBQ this is a mind-melting episode! keep up the good work!

  8. Salvationman47

    lol “Dude, if undead Mendoza jumps out of these dark corners ill kung fuu a b*tch”

  9. marTy

    What The Fu*k ?!?

    Asher is kind of terminator =0
    This is getting kind of to epical
    -But sad the Ahmad must die … 🙁

  10. moorsey

    are you guys still doing the download links for these eps? I got all of season 1 I think

    awesome ep by the way, love it!

  11. kendo

    This episode is so freaking awesome. Ahmad is a true hero of The Leet World that’s for sure. If he dies here then it means he won’t be alive in the TLW movie 🙁

  12. Cokeaholic

    Im sad that Ahmad died, but at the same time im glad that Asher blew up! btw i cant help but think you got dr Soon from star trek 😀

    no longer a noob…

  13. Neroseth

    Ahmad was a great warrior even if he was a noob — he sacrificed everything even his life so may to save his friends.But something tells me that it`s not over yet…

  14. Pwezem

    Holy crap.

    That was Awesome O.o
    The most epic episode of Machinima ever.

    Where can it go from here?…


  15. Doogan

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! N000000bitooooo!!!!!

    R.I.P. Ahmad! You are the worlds greatest Bad-ass!

  16. Nav135

    OMG! OMG! OMG! bad ass this one was sick!!! good story in it good fight and great dramma. This could put out any show on ABC or ANBC forget all that desperet house wifes crap this would totaly replace that show if you went big on tv. i only no that show cuz my house for some reason like to record it

  17. Mky93

    WOW.. this is getting better and better…
    Cant wait for the next episode.. xP

    Im very sad for Ahmad.. 🙁

    | R.I.P |
    | Ahmad |
    | |
    | a noob no longer |
    | |
    | |
    | |

  18. PlAY3R

    wow…great episode…too bad ahmad died

    R.I.P Ahmad a noob no longer

    you the worlds greatest bad-ass 😀

    and i’m so glad that leeroy is back again 😀

    keep up the goodwork guys!

  19. NINJA375

    Ahmad cant be dead no it cant be:(

    R.I.P ahmad ur now the best bad-ass we have ever seen.

  20. NINJA375

    oh i dont get 1 thing why did ahmad had a shotty on the end when he was with his computer he had his famas from leeroy but when he was fighting agains asher he had a shotgun :S

  21. Julyens

    Awesome episode 😀

    The end is awesome too , i want to see the next episode…

    Too bad ahmad died…


    the episodes name is a good 1 wake me aup before you go man this title makes it cool and sad cause it meanse some 1 dies

  23. sonic55514

    AHMAD NOOOO R.I.P wait i have the forth post…

    any ways thinking of player how does he die if he’s a robot you know why would he go to the death rooms in the contest thingys (i forgot got what they were called)
    you know and when did asher have blood like in the show you can’t say it’s oil it’s clearly red

  24. sonic55514

    make sence i guess also
    the whole engein (how ever you spell it) of destructions a cool line for asher stillbecouse of him being a robot

    or part robot as eddy said?

  25. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    Its so nice. such a shame its gonna end after this season 🙁

  26. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    oh yea. admin. you know the premiere page right? could you release a wallpaper for it? its extremely nice.

  27. sonic55514

    there is still a movie mabey ahmad may come from back in time some how maney it will be about befor this wit every one WILL AHMAD LIVE PLEASE ANSWENR

  28. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    well.. close. ahmad died instead of cortez. i think if cortez die, most of us wouldnt be so sad *sniff*.



    Died to protect his buddies.


    A noob no longer

  29. Tuoppo

    There should definately be a competition about making the best Ahmad video compilation. Would love watching them.

  30. PlayerFan

    man Player is robo too 🙂

    and ahmad die this is not soo cool but… in every cool movie someone die :'( i like player : OMG!OMG!OMG!…… HALP! 😀 he is sooooo funy 😀

  31. DaNub

    ?? where did leeroy…. space…?

    anyway epic man epic and awsome….!! cant wait….!!

  32. Silver

    I saw this 3 times and it’s still shocking. R.I.P Ahmad. Leroy is back, and how would he take Ahmads’ death?

    Can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens! This seires keeps my attention well, right when you think it’s done, WHAM more to come.

  33. coolzac4

    i heard rumors of a movie. eddy or anybody else, is this true.
    P.S.By the way, badass episode.
    P.S.S.cortez is no longer the badassest badass anymore
    P.S.S.S.I like fried chicken
    P.S.S.S.S U should put your episodes on comedy central’s Tosh.0

  34. Eddy

    [quote comment=”15648″]i heard rumors of a movie. eddy or anybody else, is this true.

    We made a whole front page post about it. So, yup.

  35. mrdougan

    A truly awesome episode there guys – it might make me sound a bit gay but the close scene between ahmed & cortez did catch a tear for me (last time i felt that emotional about a machinima piece was Vie Victis Part 2)

  36. Meme

    The Leet World is NOT going to be funny like before,Ahmad was in the beginning funniest,then Player;But still,Ahmad was good guy and freaking funny..
    R.I.P Ahmad(comment R.I.P Ahmad if you want him back:(..)

  37. Bayerone

    Great moment of Ahmad:
    My team already gave me a nickname, noob, i dont know what it mean, but everytime they say it they get a big laugh so it gotta be a good one.


  38. sashkod

    All of my friends are IDIOTS.They love cs but they cant speak so good english and when i tell them that The Leet World is awsome and 100% funny,when they watch it they say:This is so stupid!How can you watch it?
    In other words you guys that make those series are my true friends 🙂 ,not those IDIOTS 🙁

  39. offender92

    Leeroy can fly??? Rofl and why didn’t anyone move him, just look at him rofl also epic lulz when player runs through going OMG1OMG!

    Notice how when player scared he don’t fuk up sentences also when next out takes?

  40. Russian.Terrorist

    Oh noez……………………..
    Is Ahmad really dead, cuz he finally made it to hella-badass level and then he died. But at least the fight scene was hella-fukin-balls-through-the-wall-awesome.
    Oh and was that Leeroy’s FAMAS that Ahmad waz wearin?

    RIP Ahmad. My gaming status has evolved just like yours.

  41. Mandos

    WAKE UP GUYS!!! Nothing wil be the same without Ahmad, i mean just think how thinks will turn for the terrorist team and think how wil be THE MOVIE without him…(cry) But now that i know everythink in pissible in TLW, maybe he will come back, in a misterios way, like Leeroy, or maybe Player or a sciencist will make Ahmad a cyborg! Is not impossible you know.

  42. donkeyballz

    this kind of twist!
    how long did it take to make this kind of episode?

  43. duby

    All I have to say is:

    OH SHIT!

    That was crazy.

    Oh and Player so is Data and Asher is Lore from Star Trek TNG.

  44. purkill6

    [ ]
    [ Ahmad ]
    | A Noob |
    | No More|
    | R.I.P. |

    GoodBye Ahmad Everyone Will miss you!

  45. sameertulshyan

    omg ahmad :'(. im sure you guys have a good reason for killing a main, but its still sad. Great episode, as always.

    i really think ahmads dead. if it showed JUST his funeral, i wouldnt have believed it, but they showed him dying. so im pretty sure hes gone

  46. Nimrod

    You know what would be cool, if Ahmad was brought back as the domination guy Raiden style 😛

  47. Atticus

    I can’t believe that he’s dead. Really can’t.

    Perhaps it’s the same thing Player did? Wanted to see what his funeral was going to be like? Who knows.. we all loved Noobito. :\

  48. Jerkus

    I just can’t belive ahmad is dead!! why just ahmad why not westheimer or player!! :'( Awesome episode:D The leet world sounds like the elite world xD 1337 ELIIIIITE!!!

  49. Atticus

    So when I saw this episode I decided to get on CS:S and play as “Ahmad” (same skin) and kill in the name of him. I encourage all the rest to do the same.

  50. niko1995

    Dude you guys should make this into a tv show! my sister even loves Leet World. Almost every episode you guys made is on my zune! keep it up!

  51. Atticus

    You need to, after this is all said and done, release it on DVD or a massive file to download all the episodes(and sup-sodes). I’d love to take this to parties and be like “Hey! Watch this hilarious stuff.”

  52. Swifty

    It’s only one thing that really bothers me here, They said the producer putted a chip into ahmads head to make him see adam sisler. If they can put cyber chips into his head, doesnt that mean he was part robot as well? I hope so, then he might return some day! 😀

  53. Delta

    Maybe The Leet World Is A Computer Simulation since the producer died five years ago and all his employees killed themselves damn these controversies xD

  54. marTy

    One thing I now Adam Sizler is a Producer and he tricked ahmad and Asher too !!!

  55. PvtD4R7HR4V3N

    awesome ep guys just awesome. Goodbye AHMAD, your r a nub no longr! hey u guys should make the cs_militia map that u currently use for The 1337 world for download at like the other skins n stuff u guys use for the characters like asher the ocho muertos mendoza etc. if u could thatd be awesome. Can’t w8 for next ep

  56. Princess Daisy

    I had a lump in my throat the entire episode…I knew just from the title that something not good was going to happen. I even shed some tears…this is the first episode that really got to me. Can’t wait till the next one…I’m excited now that Leeroy is back, but sad because Ahmad is gone. Rest in Piece, Ahmad, You are a “n00b no longer”

    Love you Ahmad<3

  57. 1337pothead

    i wanted to say something but i forgot….show is freaking amazing, you guys are realy good at this stuff …aaaaaand um…this episode was good, bit too fast and it seems like too many secrets man, which begs for one of those no action all story episodes, i like those i think.

  58. Mr. Web

    OMG, Asher is some kind of terminator! Almost better than a terminator. Ahmad couldn’t take him down without hax. Looks like first time Addam Sizler really helped to Ahmad. I can’t bealive Ahmad is dead. 🙁

  59. Ahmad_A_Noob_No_Longer

    Dear Leet World!

    first things first..
    ” I fucking love you’re show, bro’s”
    I’ve would kill a dozen for men to be a guest star! “C1C1C1C!!11!”
    But, always an but ! -> I beg of you don’t kill Ahmad of. Where nothing ventured, nothing gained!! ( Guees Im just an ahmad fan)
    Other then that..
    Keep up the marvellous / magnificent work
    Thanks for all the effort you have put in

    And Thanks for the hours’s of great Entertainment !

  60. Ahmad_A_Noob_No_Longer

    And By the ways
    If someone deserves to die!!

    Let it be the that ‘toro’ Westheimer!

    1. Eddy

      Are you having a problem downloading the files? What’s the problem exactly? If it’s downloading, just right click and save as.

  61. The Producer


    And btw, westheimer has 1 “wish” left for the producer soo he mebbe use it?

  62. cubby

    hey guys, i been watching THELEETWORLD for sometime now and i been impressed with all the surprises. so i thought to drop in a say hey and keep up the great work on this series. i can’t wait till the next episode, till next time

  63. reflexiz

    Great episode guys! Good work! loved thisone 😉

    R.I.P Ahmad
    A noob no longer. Just the greatest bad-ass ever </3

  64. massakar

    Since you can not sell TLW as a DVD how would it be to make an Audiobook i would love to hear TLW on long car journeys!

  65. stealthy12

    this episode is so good i really want to see how the new episodes turn out!!! []_, ([]) []_,

  66. EternalMinimuffins

    Thank you for creating another sprawling act of genius. Such emotions put in to characters with there faces painted on that it doesnt even seem like a machinima anymore. Which is the goal every machinima tries to achieve. Lets keep up the good work… the acting… the drama.

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