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Daddy Warbucks and Updates

Hola duders. If you’re here for Episode Four, scroll down, or check it out on our episodes page.

If you hadn’t noticed, we put up a donate button on the right hand side of the site for just that- handy donations. What would this money go to, you ask. Great question. A number of things, and none of them include lining our pockets with golden trinkets. Here are some of the things on our “wish list”, and any donations we receive would go towards any and all of these items:

1) Storage- if only you could store raw footage into some invisible, nebulous space with infinite capacity. Since the beginning of The Leet World, we’ve purchased much giga-bittage of hard drive, including external drives, massive internals, etc, and it’s just not enough.  If you’re curious, each episode, being filmed in HD after all, takes up close to 100+ gigs of raw footage.

2) Computers, aka “actors”. We can do the show right now with what we have pretty effectively, but it would be nice to add a couple of more computers to our “studios” for some of the larger scenes.  Right now, we have to be pretty creative.  You might say to yourself “well I’ll be an extra!”, but from our experience, that gets really complicated.  Especially when Daniel and Nick and I are arguing about a shot.  Or I’m being a jerk.  Etc.

3) Web server renewal. We’re going to be renewing our webspace and bandwidth fairly soon for the next year. It’s not free, unfortunately.

On a related note, you may have noticed that the site is running a little slowly since Episode Four’s release. It’s being worked on, and should hopefully be fixed shortly.

Anywho, all of those things are on our radar as far as things that we’re going to be putting our money on fairly soon.  We just thought we’d give you dudes, our awesome fans, a chance to participate in the show in a very cool way.  Like I said, the show can continue without donations, but they would certainly be awesome, and make our lives easier.  I figured I’d put up a little description of what specifically the donate button was for, rather than just saying we want some money.  It seems a little more personal to know where the money is going that way.

Episode Five is getting underway slowly, partially because we needed a break after Episode Four. Don’t worry, though, this episode will be fairly easy to do, and will return to true TLW form. Every time we have a challenge episode, expect the formula to be shaken up a little bit, and then we’ll return to the norm. We have some fun little storylines in store for this next mini-arc that we think will thrill some of you guys. Can’t wait to show you.

Thanks for watching, and keep spreading the word!  Please donate.

Go For Launch

Well, without further ado, we now present to you Episode 1 of The Leet World, “Reality Bites”.

Tell your friends, your mom, and her dog. Join the forums, hang out, leave comments, and enjoy. Click on “episodes” for different sizes of the video. The High Definition and WMV versions will be added later today, so if it’s not working when you click it, it will be soon.