Dirty Style

Episode Two: Dirty Deeds is now available for your viewing pleasure. All formats are up on the episodes page, though you can watch the flash version below. There are a lot of things that we love about this episode that we feel improve on the first episode, and we hope you guys feel the same way. The data rates are a little higher than the last time around, so the downloads might take a little longer.

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24 thoughts on “Dirty Style

  1. Kilverdo

    Yeah Baby!!!, kinda regret having watched it allready… now I gotta wait ’till episode 3 airs… :'(. HURRY GUYS I GOTTA FEED MY ADDICTION 😉

    btw, can u add the audition video from JJ’s blog? It owns !

    Greetz, Dedicated FAN!

  2. diqits

    Its so fucking funny Lool^^

    i love every character specially
    Cortez xD he is so funny

    how about a vote, i want see which is the community’s
    favourite character on the show

    – i cannot understand what LEEROY is saying lol ^^

  3. Daniel

    Hey there — sorry I took so long to post it on GW Channel, I was playing Bioshock and lost track of time 😛

    I loved this episode. It’s even better than the first!

  4. Kilverdo

    Yeah I agree with Diqits! Make a poll about the favourite chars of the community. (isn’t it cool that u guys can call your viewers a ‘community’ even after 2 episodes?!?!?!

    Montrose en Ellis rule :p

  5. DiNozzo

    now that’s what i’m talking ’bout!!! that’s the best show i’ve ever seen on internet!

  6. Figlesiase

    Was that an XPLAY reference in the beginning?

    How do you code it into flash, btw?

  7. WolFy

    OMG TY!!! ever since Red Vs. Blue ended.. i was waaaay down :(.. then u guys came along and made another great hit!.. OH Oh and Pl4y0r reminds me Sooooooh much of Caboose 😛 .. Ty guys for coming out of no where with this smash hit

  8. n1001001s

    Very good, keep up the excellent work!! 😀

    Will you ever be posting the Leetworl themetune on the site to download so we can all annoy our friends with the awesomeness?


  9. JJ

    Great stuff, but the bleeping has to end, without the profanity it ruins everything!

    That’s part of the joke, man… it’s supposed to be a “reality show”.

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