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TLW Shirts in the Wild

Almost as rare as the Duke Nukem Forever-a-saurus, but not quite, The Leet World t-shirts are beginning to roam around in the wilderness, spreading their good cheer.

Someone recently sent in these photos to prove it:

Thanks dude!

Also, if you’ve missed our commentaries over the last couple of days, check them out:

Episode One: Reality Bites
Episode Two: Dirty Deeds

Bearing Gifts

Just a quick little update for you guys. Things are going well, and it seems that lots of people are coming to check out Episode Three, which is awesome (scroll down for it if that’s why you’re here).

Also, we’ve recently been listed as a “featured series” on Machinima.com along with other notable entries such as RedvsBlue, Pathfinders, and Civil Protection, so be sure and check it out! And, just like the title of this post indicates, I have a little present: Episode Two and Three audio outtakes.


Dirty Style

Episode Two: Dirty Deeds is now available for your viewing pleasure. All formats are up on the episodes page, though you can watch the flash version below. There are a lot of things that we love about this episode that we feel improve on the first episode, and we hope you guys feel the same way. The data rates are a little higher than the last time around, so the downloads might take a little longer.

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