Podcast Feed!

Your friendly webmaster here, with a quick update…

Although it took me a little longer than I thought it would, I’ve hacked together an iTunes podcast feed. Here’s the link:

Feed Icon http://www.smoothfewfilms.com/wp-rssvideo.php

This feed will work in any RSS reader, but if you plug it into a podcast-ready program like iTunes, it will automatically download the newest episode of The Leet World in our iPod-ready format. Subscribe to your heart’s content!

6 thoughts on “Podcast Feed!

  1. JJ

    [quote comment=”543″]damn no ipod for me :([/quote]

    As I understand it, the “iPod Ready” video format we use also works on PSPs. And of course it works in iTunes and other video players like VLC. But, then, if you don’t have a portable video player at all, you’re better off just downloading the bigger videos. I mostly made this feed so I could sync the episodes to my iPhone.

  2. This Is Me

    this s**t is f**kin cool man i laughted so much but i need more come on i no u gota manke them but……… MOOOORRRREEEEEEEEE!

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