Audio Hilarity

Well dudes, things have been going great since the release of Episode Seven. Work on the next episode is progressing smoothly, though it’s a little daunting since this episode will have some complicated elements to it.

Some quick gaming news- IGN has released a “Top 100 Games of All Time” list to feed your fanboyism or your ranting. In my case, it’s both. It’s missing a few notables such as Counter-Strike, Tekken, anything from the Splinter Cell series, and the Sims for example. I’m not sure how MGS2 made the list but not MGS3. A few games were rated pretty low, too, I thought. It’s definitely worth a read though. Click here to discuss it in our forums.

Since I was feeling very generous, I put together a present for you guys: audio outtakes from episodes six and seven.

Enjoy, and please donate.

21 thoughts on “Audio Hilarity

  1. Immune

    As usual out takes were funny as hell, keep up screwing up. (woah, i used the word “up” twice in one sentence.)

  2. Patient_Man

    On the topic of the 100 games list.

    Way to many lolondaconsolz games

    seriously fucking zelda and super mario and final fantasy.. fuck get over it.

  3. Zavatar

    Just found out about your videos. They are amazingly funny, I laughed so hard. You guys rock! Keep up the good work!

  4. HugoDePayenz

    Lols, fucking great. This is definitely a cool part of the series.

    “…connect the code, and that’s how you make a dinosaur!” XD LOLS (jurrasic park)

  5. Havoc

    “I LOVE YOU Player! and I love your ASS heheh”
    you guys r teh rock! NEED MORE EPisodes, like everyday dude!

  6. Leeteworld Lover

    Dude i cant wait Epidode9-The Ouchom Whertous Are Coming plz Hurry up…Leetworld RULzzzzz…:))

  7. Leeteworld Lover

    Jepersss ish than a security web to the house…you can see everithing ive done twice
    sens this convertion started…:)))

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