The Angry Beard

If you spot an angry beard, be careful. He is like the Cloverfield monster, wreaking general chaos and causing disorientating camera work. And lo, his name be Nick.

Typically, audio outtakes encompass two full episodes, but Episode 13, being our longest and wordiest so far, had enough material all its own to provide you guys with some mega-lulz. Right-click to save, if you must.

Beware, those of you who are feint at heart. Some NSFW language at the end from our typically jovial bearded one. Keep voting on the Themetacular Challenge!

47 thoughts on “The Angry Beard

  1. savageblow

    Haha ^^ Vamos mi caballo ^^ *horse sounds :O*

    Can’t wait for episode 14 ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ashtacular : Seen arby’n the chief : The movie?

  2. Cortez070

    [quote comment=”6166″]lol @ soi soi soi
    arby ‘n’ the chief :D[/quote] Ash, Soi soi soi isnt Arby n the chief, it’s an old joke founded way before AnC

    [Ontopic] LOL, me likey outtakes

  3. JJ

    Aww, I was a fan of “swift kick to his bathing suit area”, but I guess it’s not really an Ellis line. Maybe Montrose. Oh well.

  4. Kyreo

    Yeah noticed Eddy quoted Marathon: Durandal and Arby and the Chief…Vent Blasted the Frog Core…classic Marathon.

  5. JabaPR


    me encanta elliss!!!!!!!!!!!! me encanta!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ashtacular

    [quote comment=”6168″][quote comment=”6166″]lol @ soi soi soi
    arby ‘n’ the chief :D[/quote] Ash, Soi soi soi isnt Arby n the chief, it’s an old joke founded way before AnC

    [Ontopic] LOL, me likey outtakes[/quote]

    Awh..It was just the first thing that came to mind. =[

  7. LovetheLadies

    ahhhh great stuff I am glad that my beard doesnt get that angreh SOI SOI SOI SOI

  8. Octarine Fruitcake

    lol “i dont wanna say kick him in the dick because ive said that already…how about man sausage…i will kick him in his man sausage” (The beard will kill us all!!!) HAHA BEST OUT-TAKES SO FAR WOOOO LEETWORLD

  9. Dud

    nice it was eally funny….keep up the great work. Also another questionez…..i know ur all tied up with episode 14 with the 3 huge parts but r u still workin on bios…b the way loved the screejn shot of ocho meurtoz and the gang

  10. Corsair

    Hehe. He really wasn’t a happy chappy in the closet there. Think someone needs to lay off the coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. HAHA

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL when Nick was pissed i dint laught but when i heard that knock sound and he saying Shit!! that make me laught for hours…hahaha and at the same time thinking he was cloverfield terrorizing the city with the knocking sound while sayin shit!! LOLOLOL

  12. Corsair

    What’s even funnier is the – honourable – bit. There is a Red vs Blue outtake on the exact same word!

  13. PhanracK

    “Im holding a gun! Where were you hiding it? In my pants. I dont want you to shoot me with that thing!” EPIC xD

  14. Joรฃo

    I don’t understand…
    On FAQ these are the ones who do the voices: Nick, Eddy, Kerry, Daniel and Ben but on “Who are you guys?” it just says Nick, Daniel and Eddy ??

  15. Eddy

    Kerry and Ben do voices but don’t help with the overall production of the show. Each episode is made by Nick, Daniel and myself.

  16. Ducky

    My roflcopter goes swoosh swoosh swoosh
    Thats awesome, As a serious CSS player, It’s great to watch these things.

  17. Leet Man

    Seemed like Nick was having a bad day when i heard. (Smacking script on chair) “SHIT!!!!” -Nick. CHET AND PLAYER FTW

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