The Stars at Night= Big + Bright

A reminder for all of you slackers who haven’t voted for the Themetacular Challenge yet β€” go do it! Voting ends tonight at midnight central standard time, when Texas rolls over from Monday into Tuesday, not unlike some lumbering, snoring giant. Since Texas is the center of the Earth, this makes perfect sense.

A bio is on the way this week as well as some other goodies in the near future. More screenshots from the Season Finale below. And if you haven’t listened to the outtakes from Episode Thirteen yet, go do that.

Los pantalones... Nevar forgivz Back where they started...

More information is coming on the Season Finale soon, including release schedules, etc. I’d tell you more, but many Bothan spies have already died for that info.

19 thoughts on “The Stars at Night= Big + Bright

  1. Adaminator1

    I Smell INFORMATION!!!! *dies*

    Cant wait for Episode 14. You guys rock πŸ˜‰

  2. Purple People Eater

    Looking 4ward to ep. 14. Keep up the good work guys I admire you lot.

  3. anonymous

    cannot w8 for ep 14 must know how long b4 ep 14 is out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. zomgwtfbbq?

    zomgwtfbbq i can haz Lettworldburgarz plz i got to haz leetwordburgarz plox roflcopter goes SWOSWOSWOSWOSWOSWOSWOSWOSWO

  5. Zerk

    omg… look at what you have created… walking, talking zombies with one aim: to watch leet world. I hope your happy that half the world wll turn gay for you

  6. Marth182

    Many Bothans died to bring us this info?

    It’s a trap!


    Leet World rehab isn’t possible…There is no way to wean yourself off awesomeness.

  7. Wiiplayer12

    OMFG!!1! That first picture just spells out truble!!
    Can’t wait dude!!1!!1!

  8. Matt

    I’m curious, since you’re breaking it up into three parts, will you start each week’s section with the contest winner, or with the winner, then 2nd place, then 3rd?

  9. Nuotykis

    Hm… I smell Leroy kicking some orhos muertos nub ass, Westheimer and Chet asking for Ahmad to help them with his cheats (which he doesn’t have), and Montrose and Ellis making another retarded plot. CONSPIRACY!

  10. Kod

    Really looking forward to the finale, and I hope this week is Cortez’s bio, because that’d be the coolest of all the bios. And hee hee, another Star Wars refernce.

  11. Steff

    Sik photo’s looks great hope its out SOOOOOON. please gives us around when its out PLZZPLZPZLZLPZL…loolololololol keep up the great work

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