The Bury Squad

diggRight on schedule, here is Episode 10 of Web Zeroes, The Drop. In it, the dudes scramble to remove an unfinished Web site from Digg before lots of people see it and hate it. One wonders who they might contact to accomplish such a feat…

This is certainly an interesting episode both for us and for you guys, as it finally starts to hit the territory that the previous iteration of the series first hinted at. You’ll see what I mean at the end. For us, these last few episodes have been an absolute blast to make, and we really feel like we’re getting towards our stride. Apparently, we tend to gravitate towards something not all that dissimilar from Leet World- ridiculous dramatic situations, so we’re starting to see that more and more in Web Zeroes.

Speaking of Leet World there are more than a few nuggets for you TLW fans in this episode. Hit the jump to watch!

As always, visit Revision3 to download the episode. Much thanks to our buds Ben, Matt and ADR for their guest appearances, as well as Veronica Belmont for the brief cameo.

Watch, enjoy and leave a comment if it fits your fancy.

16 thoughts on “The Bury Squad

  1. CrazyIvan1745

    For some reason I can’t login while viewing just the videos.

    But, good job on the episode. Loved the TLW references and episode was great. So far I still love you guy’s show and I’ll definately be watching it each week.

    And I am so sick of the Houston rain, good thing it will finally get chilly starting tonight, hopefully the rain will either stop or become snow lol

  2. Kuilui

    Chetster not molester! heh, good episode all around. I also was not expecting that to be the prank so good one, Nicks so paranoid. When Ahmad err Ben err Mulligans voice came over the phone I laughed a little just because I haven’t heard a TLW voice in awhile it surprised me. Anyway looking forward to the next one, as always.

  3. Skyliner

    Ahhahaha. Did you guys really get Veronica Belmont to do a short bit, or was that all pre-recorded and mixed? Regardless, awesome to see Web Zeroes and Veronica Belmont together. All my web heroes.. *tear*

    Great ep! Can’t wait for next week!

  4. angeloftheafterlife

    just started watching again, it seems things are still the way they were when i left. I’m not exactly sure what it is about the new web zeros, but something seems off. maybe it just seems to me that you guys are trying to hard to be funny, and therefor coming of as just kinda weird… over all though, i really liked it for what it is, and thought the phone call with “Ahmad” was awesome.
    well, that’s my two cents.

  5. glebe

    This episode was pretty good. i like some of the quotes.
    “No Trespassing!” To bad theres not a lot of bro love floating around though.

  6. Pharoahgakash

    Epic Correction: Er… That’s Ahmad, sorry…. TOILET GOPHER!!!

    “a Castlevania character?!” ROFL! i think he is thinking of Simon Belmont. “wink, wink”

  7. Simon

    Awesome! I hope there could be one day that Ben show his face, it would be AWESOME. Ah… Missing Leroy… (how do u put picture to ur acount here ?)

  8. dompody

    When Ahmad’s voice came up, I was taken a little aback, but I couldn’t help ROFLing when he said “Make him stop talking!”

    Not as good as last week, but the second best episode so far! hehe

  9. SargentPikachu

    I totally LOLed when Mulligan (Ahmad) and Veronica Belmont came on. Plus I should definitely put a Digg logo and envelope on my trash can some day. Lots of things to Bury.

    (In the credits, what does “ADR” stand for? Automatic dialogue replacelemt?)

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