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The Bury Squad

diggRight on schedule, here is Episode 10 of Web Zeroes, The Drop. In it, the dudes scramble to remove an unfinished Web site from Digg before lots of people see it and hate it. One wonders who they might contact to accomplish such a feat…

This is certainly an interesting episode both for us and for you guys, as it finally starts to hit the territory that the previous iteration of the series first hinted at. You’ll see what I mean at the end. For us, these last few episodes have been an absolute blast to make, and we really feel like we’re getting towards our stride. Apparently, we tend to gravitate towards something not all that dissimilar from Leet World- ridiculous dramatic situations, so we’re starting to see that more and more in Web Zeroes.

Speaking of Leet World there are more than a few nuggets for you TLW fans in this episode. Hit the jump to watch!
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