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Forum Fighters

Another week has passed, so that means a new episode of Web Zeroes has arrived. Episode 3, Snark-O-Matic, has the trio of Web wannabes trying to convert a snarky forum into a popular Internet blog. As is to be expected, the whole thing turns into crap. This episode was penned by JJ, our lovable Web master and the writer of other fine Smooth Few Films productions such as Season 2, Episode 10 of The Leet World.

Lots of thanks to all of you guys who have stuck around for Web Zeroes and all future projects. Seriously, we have feelings of less than threes for you animals. That is the opposite of “duns” or “h8s”. Do us a favor and help us out by spreading the word about this show as much as possible. It would make Nick happy. And as we all know, a happy yeti makes for a happy crew.

To download the episode or see higher res versions, head over to Revision3, or subscribe to Web Zeroes on iTunes. If you’re having problems playing the video, update your flash, or go to YouTube.

Expect some new TLW outtakes later this week, and Episode 4 of Web Zeroes at the same time next week, October 28th! For now, hit the jump to start watching.
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The Leet World (forum) needs you!

As we’ve been saying, the release of our site and first episode approaches, and as such, we are attempting to to put together something of a community for the people that stumble into our path. For those of you who are checking up on the process of the show, feel free to head on over to The Leet World Forum, and help us test everything as we get ready. Register, start some topics, interact with us, and that way we’ll have the board somewhat populated in anticipation of the release.

Also, stay tuned, since tomorrow we’ll be announcing the date that our first episode launches.