Forum Fighters

Another week has passed, so that means a new episode of Web Zeroes has arrived. Episode 3, Snark-O-Matic, has the trio of Web wannabes trying to convert a snarky forum into a popular Internet blog. As is to be expected, the whole thing turns into crap. This episode was penned by JJ, our lovable Web master and the writer of other fine Smooth Few Films productions such as Season 2, Episode 10 of The Leet World.

Lots of thanks to all of you guys who have stuck around for Web Zeroes and all future projects. Seriously, we have feelings of less than threes for you animals. That is the opposite of “duns” or “h8s”. Do us a favor and help us out by spreading the word about this show as much as possible. It would make Nick happy. And as we all know, a happy yeti makes for a happy crew.

To download the episode or see higher res versions, head over to Revision3, or subscribe to Web Zeroes on iTunes. If you’re having problems playing the video, update your flash, or go to YouTube.

Expect some new TLW outtakes later this week, and Episode 4 of Web Zeroes at the same time next week, October 28th! For now, hit the jump to start watching.

Once again, we appreciate any feedback that you guys want to provide. I think the show really starts to find its footing over the next few episodes, so I can’t wait for you guys to see what we’ve already done. Thanks for watching it, and I hope you enjoy.

28 thoughts on “Forum Fighters

  1. Aaron Clark

    In a word: lulzy

    This episode felt a little episodic, but not in an awkward way like the first episode. I also think you guys nailed the in-episode ad this time around. Some people may hate the idea of working this sort of ad placement into the episode proper, but I think that if you’re clever about it, (like with this episode) it could be a solid running joke, like Kenny dying in every episode of South Park.

    Also, for the first time, I found myself watching just after midnight. I hope this isn’t a reoccurring thing.

    Nice job guys. I less than three you guys too.

  2. Simon

    Cool ! I got the first one! Awesome episode! (it’s good to be in this place where had 12hours early than us…..)

  3. Thetaman

    Just some random thoughts: this episode seemed on the whole, better than the last two. My two biggest complaints earlier were the ads and the old content, and those are both getting better. The content from the old series was funny, but doesn’t really fit in since the reboot, but that problem was easy to solve–and now that you’re running on mostly all new material, the episodes are finally their own show. As far as the ads go, I thought the godaddy ad was more subtly placed than the netflix ads had been earlier, so I salute you guys for that. I know you guys know this already, but the more fluidly the ads fit into the episodes, the better they fare. I think you could fairly easily let the characters’ hilarious personalities show through during the ads, and they would be much easier to watch.
    You guys are doing a great job, and I’m looking forward to next week 🙂

  4. Spazman

    Great episode also I saw the copy of The wheel of time series in the backround greatest Scifi book series ever!!

  5. playersbro

    great episode guys, definitely could not keep a straight face when Nick starts laughing and pauses everytime Eddy walks by while he’s looking at the Snark-O-Matic forum. Also, definitely liked how you guys did the in episode ad this time, worked out a lot better and made it not seem a lot like it was one. Can’t wait for the next episode and the outtakes. As a little side note, whose idea was it to put Adam Sizzler in the TV ad?, i thought that was a cool little crossover of TLW on Web Zeros.

  6. Pwezem

    [quote comment=”17449″]Bobby King IS Adam Sizzler LOLOLOL and Alex is Ahmad LOL[/quote]

    I’m not sure if you’re purposly trying to Divide the Community by Zero.

    Awesome way of bringing in the AD’s to the Episode.
    You guys really have teh hang of it at this stage, and WZ is only going to go UP!

    Glad to see TY taking part in the Show ! :3

  7. pl4y3r_rul3z

    Normally, I’d hate on you guys for putting in an ad…but it was pretty freakin’ funny! If you’re gonna do more of those ads, I hope you make them like this one.

  8. Ronstar258

    I’ve loved the last 3 episodes, and i think that youtube critics are being too…how should i put it…retarded

    They don’t know where u guys have come from after all this and now that ur getting money for sponsors they’re all pissy they have to watch ads in the shows…freaking that’s why there’s a bar at the bottom of the dam thing where u can drag it past it til its over, ya whiny turds lol. Besides, ads have been implimented in much less entertaining ways before lol.

    idk maybe some youtube fans just arent as intelligent as others…there’s a concept…anyway i’m loving the series and i dont know how some of the ppl on there can say they thought it was BORING!!! that amazed me…

    Sorry you guys have to be subjected to retard ppl. Not what ur hard work deserves, and i’m sure many of us here will back me up on that sentiment.

    RIP TLW but w00t for the outtakes

  9. -M4V3R1CK-

    Wow, great episode. I dont really like the dam bobby king ads, but dam, he is persistent. I told my friends about Web zeroes and they all think its boring and The Leet World was way better. I checked out thetechyeti’s twitter and I Found out you started this episode in August. I also noticed it took you 2 months to make it since one part was made on Oct. 9.

    PS. Keep up the good work. I love web zeroes almost as much as TLW

  10. Dustin

    The product placement this time was much better, guys. Excellent work, guys! I think I did like the insulting commercials with Bobby King better, though. They were much more humorous to listen to, for some reason.

    I think your acting is getting quite a bit better too. It’s hard to believe how fast it’s improving. Also, quite the interesting cliffhanger on how everybody is continually hating Alex. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

  11. RGamesINC

    The inepisode ad thing still feels awkward, but the awkwardness of it worked for its benefit here with Alex and Ray’s reaction to it.

    Looks like the plot is thickening, absolutely curdling!

    It’s going to be hilarious if Bobby King comes in as a villain now.

  12. glebe

    As stated, the product placement was great this time, mainly i think because you made your characters notice it. this was a great episode, but i would like to see some more bro love towards Alex and maybe less towards Daniel. Its funny when he gets bashed because its so ironic cause hes down to earth.

  13. SargentPikachu

    This episode was a normal one, just a few laughs. But did anyone notice Adam Sizzler’s voice from the TV in the opening scene?

    Plus the in-video ad: almost excellent. If the specific specifics, like the really adsy “10% off”, and the popup bar get eliminated, then this method would be perfect. The popup bar with the URL can probably be eliminated by showing one of the three characters typing it into a browser, to make it more blended in.

  14. AndrewWilsonnn

    Great Episode guys! I thought the product placement was perfectly done, Nate being as internet savvy as he is. :P. I also love the new humor, these past 2 episodes have been one step ahead of what everyone has been expecting.

    Also, I kinda half bawwed at the end. Poor Alex/Eddy

    Also, do you guys mind if I advertise your site on mine for a week? I’m doing a shoutout sorta thing of what’s good to check out, and I figured you guys would be worth mentioning. Hope you don’t mind!

    ( is where it is)

  15. mooman

    Hehe looks like i predicted the future

    earlier post: ” You should give someone an “addiction” to ordering movies from netflix or something.”

    And now Alex got the bobby king thing XD

  16. Eclipse1337

    You guys never fail to amuse me. I’m happy a friend told me about you guys when you guys we’re still on S1 of TLW. If he didn’t, I’d be bored without you guys D:

  17. The Amazing Chris

    Wow. This episode made me genuinely sad. 🙁

    It was, however, still hilarious. Kudos. Ten thumbs up.

  18. Spunkysoda9

    Hey guys :P. Made a Promo for Web Zeroes to help us out by spreading the word about this show as much as possible… and make Nick Happy. LOL

  19. ludichris

    didnt get round to seeing the show till today again, im always busy on wednesdays =(.

    still, it was a great show, but i feel kinda sorry 4 nick/nate. Peter petrelli’s not that bad anyway(well since he got that only 1 power at a time thing he’s been way worse). oh lovin the new way ur doing the ads


  20. Pharoahgakash

    Lava huh? Thats a major buzzkill… However the answer to that problemo is Simple. ^^ Play games for gameplay.

    Awesome series guys! I look forward to the upcoming episodes! Hmm… do i sense some Mac V.S PC going on? Stick Around and Find out!

  21. Unpossible

    So I was rewatching the episodes (because they’re hilarious) and I noticed something. At 1:36, is that… Westheimer St.? Tsk tsk, and here I thought you guys were being so original with TLW names.

    But in all seriousness keep up the good work, I’m loving what you guys have done with the series.

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