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Stop – Hammer-Time

Much thanks to those dudes who helped me mess with Hammer over the weekend, especially Lord Ned. Dude went way out of his way to listen to me gripe about it. It’s funny, because all I wanted to do was some simple tweaks to make Militia a little more functional for what we use it for, and in reality I should have done it sooner.

I have to say I’m pleased with how well Ahmad’s Bio has been received by you guys. Truthfully, Nick’s been bugging me to write character bios since, um, forever, but Nick is usually wrong about stuff so I didn’t listen. I’m kidding. Nick is mostly always right so I should have listened long ago. We’ll be adding one of those each week.

Keep cracking on those Themetacular Challenge entries. A few of you have been asking for the vocals, which have been added to the official rules page.

And finally, some new screenshots of Episode Twelve, complete with Leeroy’s Lair, now working in Counter-Strike: Source instead of GMod.

The Circle Is Complete Backdoor-ing Crazy Plans

More extras coming soon.