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The Leet World Idol

We’ve got a winner to the Themetacular Contest, and his name is DJ Shox. Wow. I didn’t expect such a turn-around, but apparently, Shox has been hitting the campaign trail. Like. A. Madman. His rendition of the theme song will now land a coveted spot in the Season Finale intro sequence.

Congrats, dude, you earned it. To hear more of DJ Shox’s compositions, feel free to listen at your heart’s content.

To everyone else who entered, much thanks for participating, we really loved hearing all that you guys put out there for us to enjoy. It was such a great thing to see this community jumping into something like this. Not everyone’s favorite won, but hey, that’s why we vote.

Me thinks we need more contests in the future. If you somehow missed all of the excitement, you can go listen to the finalists. But for now, here’s your Miss America:


Themetacular Voting Begins!

A “Happy Memorial Day” is in order, I suppose. I think all weekends should be 3 days long by some kind of new Earth law. Also, all burritos should be at least a foot in length. I’d be good at boss-ing the world.

Our next update will have some tantalizing details about the Season Finale. Also, forecasting a high chance of lulz later this week. On to more immediate matters, though.

The entry deadline for the Themetacular Challenge has now passed and the finalists have been chosen. If you weren’t aware, the Themetacular Challenge is our first official contest, where fans submit original covers of The Leet World theme. The winning entry will be played during the intro of the Season Finale.

Overall, we’re proud of the response we’ve gotten from our community. It was definitely a treat to hear some of the stuff you guys came up with- who knew that so much could be derived from a goofy (but cool) intro themetune?

Read on to hear the finalists and the honorable mentions.

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Stop – Hammer-Time

Much thanks to those dudes who helped me mess with Hammer over the weekend, especially Lord Ned. Dude went way out of his way to listen to me gripe about it. It’s funny, because all I wanted to do was some simple tweaks to make Militia a little more functional for what we use it for, and in reality I should have done it sooner.

I have to say I’m pleased with how well Ahmad’s Bio has been received by you guys. Truthfully, Nick’s been bugging me to write character bios since, um, forever, but Nick is usually wrong about stuff so I didn’t listen. I’m kidding. Nick is mostly always right so I should have listened long ago. We’ll be adding one of those each week.

Keep cracking on those Themetacular Challenge entries. A few of you have been asking for the vocals, which have been added to the official rules page.

And finally, some new screenshots of Episode Twelve, complete with Leeroy’s Lair, now working in Counter-Strike: Source instead of GMod.

The Circle Is Complete Backdoor-ing Crazy Plans

More extras coming soon.