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Knocking at Death’s Door

Smooth Few Films proudly presents: the final installment of Season One of The Leet World. Part 3 of the finale, Death Comes Home.

It’s been a wild ride. Thanks for sticking with us through our first season. We’ve learned a ton over the last year, and we hope to put it to good use in future episodes of The Leet World and beyond.

Also, stick around between seasons. There’s more going on than I even listed in our Announcements. For instance, outtakes are coming next week and a ‘making-of” feature is on its way in the near future. And who knows, maybe a special video or two to bridge the story between seasons… You won’t regret staying around.

Read comments at your own risk- there are bound to be full of spoilers.

The End of All Things

To borrow from Frodo (Smooth Few Films), we’re glad that you will be with us, Samwise Gamgee (you dudes), here at the end of all things (the release of part 3 of the Season Finale), or rather, the end of Season One of The Leet World.

That should be tomorrow, by the way. I can’t promise a particular time, it could be morning, it could be later on. But it won’t be today, so lay off the F5 juice.

The final running time is somewhere around 18 minutes, and it’s an action packed mofo on top of all of that. We will spend most of the evening and into the morning hours toiling away, and then Nick leaves me to fly to California for a (much-needed) vacation.

Happy waiting. If you haven’t yet, check out our Announcements about what’s going to be coming after the season is over. Cool stuff.

EDIT: Good lord, dudes, chill. Yesterday I said it would be out at “some point” TODAY. It could be out tonight for all we know. Don’t expect it until much later in the day (it’s early morning right now). And if you don’t what time of day that is for you, google it.

Announcing: New Things

I’ve been promising some announcements for several weeks now, so I figured it was time to stand and deliver. I’m no Lou Diamond Phillips, but I think I’ll be ok. Also, you may want to read on to see an interesting tidbit about part 3 of the Season Finale.

Here’s the stuff in the works…

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Best Laid Plans…

All is still going well on the production of Episode Eight. I’ve even brought some screenshots, as an early holiday gift. I’m pretty generous like that. If you couldn’t tell from the last episode, there will be some major poo going down.

Episode Eight will be our mid-season “finale”, marking the halfway point of our first season of The Leet World. We’ll be taking a break after its release for about a month or so, in order to gear up for the second half of the season and really do some solid work for the next batch of episodes. In that time that we take off, there will still be a lot to keep you guys coming back though, so don’t worry. There will be plenty of extras (a Christmas present, perhaps?), as well as a look into some other things that we’re getting our hands in right now, including an upcoming Halo 3 short. That break should give you guys plenty to look forward to as far as the show goes, that’s for sure.

A Confrontation On the Hunt A Message

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