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The Turkey Day Short

thanksgivingWell, it’s Wednesday, and even though it’s Thanksgiving week for us, we still brought you some good old Web Zeroes content in the form of Episode 8, Happy Pottermas. I say old because many of you dudes have already seen it as part of the original run of Web Zeroes from the ancient days of 2008.

Because of the way Revision3’s release system works, however, we had to refer to this short as Episode 8, but it’s not a true episode in that sense. Either way, I hope you guys find some good humor in it, even though you’ve seen it. If nothing else, you can marvel at Nick’s short mane.

For now, hit the jump to see the video!
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Happy Turkey Day!

Yeah, I know I’m a day early but I’ll be gone tomorrow, so I wanted to just leave a quick note for you guys. Episode 1 is racing to the finish line, and before you even know it, your eyes will be feasting on more of The Leet World story as it continues on into our second season. I’ve got to say, we’re totally pumped about the overall direction this season is going, and we can’t wait to jump into it with you guys.

In other news, the day that the premiere drops on the site will be an event, and you’ll see what I mean when it happens. All I can say about that is that Nick and his beard are my heroes.

I’m going to be playing the junk out of Left 4 Dead this weekend in addition to getting fat. Can’t wait!

Happy Turkey Day, dudes!