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Dirty Dozen: Episode 12 Screenshots

It’s so bizarre to be working on our 12th episode. So far, Episode Twelve isn’t quite the three-headed dogbeast we imagined it would be. I think we always forget how much easier a regular episode is in comparison to something like a challenge episode.

If you haven’t seen the Themetacular Contest rules yet, I’d advise you to check them out. Remember, we don’t want to just hear you guys trying your best to imitate Damn Dangerous- get creative, go all out, make the song your own, change the style- the more distinct, the better.

Here are some screenshots from Episode Twelve to satiate The Leet World appetite, if only temporarily. Over the weekend, we’re going to start adding some really cool new content to the website. A virtual nerdery for those of you obsessed with really digging into that kind of stuff. Should be fun.

Sneaky Style Secret Gathering Confrontation

Theme Song!

There are a lot of questions that we get asked repeatedly while producing our silly little internet series. Let’s run through a few of them, shall we?

“When is (insert episode number) coming?”

“Can I be a voice?”

“Will you marry me?”

“Where can I download the theme song?”

For some reason, we’ve never posted the theme song to The Leet World here. I guess we were always busy, you know, making the show. Jace, aka Damn Dangerous writes the music for our series, and you can definitely check him out at his myspace page– add him as a friend, he likes those. You can also get the theme tune here:


I know you’re all starving for Episode Nine details- but not yet. You will know more soon. For now, feel free to sign up for the forums, help us build our community, and re-watch your favorite episodes. Also, I have rounded up some of the best news tidbits of the last week or so from around the gaming industry:

The top 10 blunders of 2007, Sony repeats that MGS4 is PS3 exclusive, video games lead to a father shooting a son, the 360 is on pace for gaming’s best year ever, Japan loves them some Wii, and Warner Bros. sticks a fork in the next-gen format war.