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Cortez: Meandering Muerto

Crazy goings-on here with Smooth Few Films. For months now, we’ve been talking amongst ourselves about the Season Finale and the subsequent break we’d be taking until the Fall to resume Season Two. We’re excited about the projects we’ll be doing in that time between seasons, but The Leet World is like this multi-headed dragon we have to face before getting a much needed rest.

Part One will be arriving sometime in the next few days. Just like assaulting some kind of notorious floating Star de Death, an episode is a multi-pronged attack where several factors have to be aligned just right in order for us to release it. We’ll let you know once we’ve hit that “eve of release” window.

And now, to complete the cast of main characters, we are bringing you the bio of one Cortez Emilio Alejandro Jesus Cardinal. Don’t assume you know everything about our favorite blind avenger…

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The Stars at Night= Big + Bright

A reminder for all of you slackers who haven’t voted for the Themetacular Challenge yet — go do it! Voting ends tonight at midnight central standard time, when Texas rolls over from Monday into Tuesday, not unlike some lumbering, snoring giant. Since Texas is the center of the Earth, this makes perfect sense.

A bio is on the way this week as well as some other goodies in the near future. More screenshots from the Season Finale below. And if you haven’t listened to the outtakes from Episode Thirteen yet, go do that.

Los pantalones... Nevar forgivz Back where they started...

More information is coming on the Season Finale soon, including release schedules, etc. I’d tell you more, but many Bothan spies have already died for that info.

Montrose: Second Fiddle

Well, now that Episode Twelve has come and gone, things are really starting to gather steam on our end. I know that you guys will be upset when the season is done in two episodes, but for us, it’s a goal that we’re trying to hit and a pretty cool accomplishment. We feel like we’ve told a fun story so far and we’re looking forward to how it’s going to wrap up.

The next month is pretty packed: as of now, we’re planning to bring a new short (maybe two), Episode Thirteen, a new podcast and lots of other cool features. I think you guys will enjoy what we’ve got cooking. But then again, we’re terrible at planning and like an antithesis to Ian Malcolm’s “Life finds a way” speech in Jurassic Park, things tend to find a way to kick us as far as our production schedule goes. That’s when life shows up and hisses at us and blinds us with its black gooey saliva of eye-pain.

Naturally, I assumed that releasing an episode would override any desire to read the next character bio, but clearly, you people are addicted. So, as planned, here’s this week’s installment of The Leet World character bios: Montrose.

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Eye Candy

Episode Twelve is coming within a week. Unfortunately, I can’t give any more details than that, but it’s on its way and ready to be watched. If you haven’t had a chance, get to reading Leeroy’s Bio and find out more about your favorite nerd. Some brand new screenies:

Trickeration Eye of the Tiger. Rawr. COMPUDAR!1!

While Daniel and Nick are working their post-production surgery on Episode Twelve, I’m busy putting together (writing, building in Forge, etc) our next Halo short. Here are some early screenies of the location, from the new map “Blackout”.

Moonlit Night Mystery Door

What’s behind the mystery door? Lulz, of course.