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Montrose: Second Fiddle

Well, now that Episode Twelve has come and gone, things are really starting to gather steam on our end. I know that you guys will be upset when the season is done in two episodes, but for us, it’s a goal that we’re trying to hit and a pretty cool accomplishment. We feel like we’ve told a fun story so far and we’re looking forward to how it’s going to wrap up.

The next month is pretty packed: as of now, we’re planning to bring a new short (maybe two), Episode Thirteen, a new podcast and lots of other cool features. I think you guys will enjoy what we’ve got cooking. But then again, we’re terrible at planning and like an antithesis to Ian Malcolm’s “Life finds a way” speech in Jurassic Park, things tend to find a way to kick us as far as our production schedule goes. That’s when life shows up and hisses at us and blinds us with its black gooey saliva of eye-pain.

Naturally, I assumed that releasing an episode would override any desire to read the next character bio, but clearly, you people are addicted. So, as planned, here’s this week’s installment of The Leet World character bios: Montrose.

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Steam Powered!

Hey dudes, just letting everybody know that there will finally be people playing in our server again, as I have recently gotten my CS:S up and running. Not entirely sure what the problem was, but part of the way through Episode Four (I measure time by episodes now) my CS:S straight up kicked the bucket. A re-install of Steam did not seem to do the trick, so I actually reformatted my hard drive and went with a fresh install of XP, and now all is well. Look for us to be on every now and then (probably even tonight) at Should be fun.

Also, in gaming news this week: 1000 Gamerpoints in 2 minutes, Super Mario Galaxies is the highest rated game of all time, get Halo 3 for free when you buy a 360, Johnathan Coulton sings that awesome Portal song, Bioware is looking for writers!

Dust Busters

Well, I know it’s been a long wait, but “Episode Four: Dust 2 Dust” is finally here. This episode took a little longer for several reasons: 1) Daniel was out of town for a week, 2) one of our computers (mine) no longer runs Steam, so we’re down an “actor”, and 3) we wanted this episode to be the best it could be, so we pushed it back a couple of days to continue to work on it. Typically, we will be releasing every two weeks, and this last wait (which was three weeks plus a few days) will be about as long as they come.

The end result of all of that is an episode we’ve worked pretty hard on, so we hope that you all enjoy it. Anyone that’s played a match of CSS (or any online game for that matter) should get a kick out of it.

Also, Halo 3 had very little to do with the delay. Although, it held up our music a little. Just a little.