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The Leet World Idol

We’ve got a winner to the Themetacular Contest, and his name is DJ Shox. Wow. I didn’t expect such a turn-around, but apparently, Shox has been hitting the campaign trail. Like. A. Madman. His rendition of the theme song will now land a coveted spot in the Season Finale intro sequence.

Congrats, dude, you earned it. To hear more of DJ Shox’s compositions, feel free to listen at your heart’s content.

To everyone else who entered, much thanks for participating, we really loved hearing all that you guys put out there for us to enjoy. It was such a great thing to see this community jumping into something like this. Not everyone’s favorite won, but hey, that’s why we vote.

Me thinks we need more contests in the future. If you somehow missed all of the excitement, you can go listen to the finalists. But for now, here’s your Miss America:


The Stars at Night= Big + Bright

A reminder for all of you slackers who haven’t voted for the Themetacular Challenge yet — go do it! Voting ends tonight at midnight central standard time, when Texas rolls over from Monday into Tuesday, not unlike some lumbering, snoring giant. Since Texas is the center of the Earth, this makes perfect sense.

A bio is on the way this week as well as some other goodies in the near future. More screenshots from the Season Finale below. And if you haven’t listened to the outtakes from Episode Thirteen yet, go do that.

Los pantalones... Nevar forgivz Back where they started...

More information is coming on the Season Finale soon, including release schedules, etc. I’d tell you more, but many Bothan spies have already died for that info.