Return of the Outtakes

mic-audioThis was my first semi-free weekend in ages. And what did I do? I spent some time putting together outtakes from Season 2 of TLW, Episodes 7 and 8. The lengths I go for you people!

It was interesting going back through these old audio files. One thing that we’ve never really done in outtakes is include bits where cast members have dropped spoilers as a joke. Now that the show is over, those boundaries are gone, so there are one or two of those sprinkled about. I’m also particularly fond of the Asher outtakes here, as well as Ben’s constant surprise when he reads jokes for the first time. He became a tad fixated on the idea of Cortez’s extra balls, but aren’t we all?

So, listen and partake in a couple of lulz. I know I did. Right click and save as to download. And as things typically go with goofing around, the language is more than likely NSFW.

In other news, Episode 4 of Web Zeroes is out on Wednesday. Probably my favorite episode so far.

8 thoughts on “Return of the Outtakes

  1. Ninja


    That was great. A few days ago I was wondering if there were going to be any more outtakes or commentary. Here’s my answer.


  2. Hoi

    I was particularly fond of the casted voices for Asher and Ellis, and am very pleased to find they make for my favorite outtakes, too. The voice acting in Leet World has been, in my opinion, first class all the way, and I made this account just to let you all know. Watched Episodes one to the end today in one sitting, and it made a shitty day much better.

    Why no Player outtakes? LOLOLOLOLOLO KTHXBAI

  3. Ideealer

    Ellis: Player what in the fuck was that, I could swear that you’re some kind of a robot I saw you talking to that bald guy.

  4. Iluna96

    Haha awesome guys! xD
    I’ve been waiting for this, in a long time, and finally!
    But.. It was pretty short

    1. Eddy

      The thing to remember here is that I can only include actual outtakes. I can’t just make up more. Powerful though I am, I am not a magician.

      Besides, it’s the same length as previous outtakes, dude. You crazy.

      Also, I hope to keep working on these over the next few weeks whenever I get a chance.

  5. Gary

    I burst out laughing “Oh wait that’s a Westheimer line… Hey!”

    Great to see the return of the outtakes!

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