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Episode 9 Deleted Scenes!

I promised extras, and now I’m here to stand and deliver. And while I’m not as good looking as Lou Diamond Phillips, it makes my gift no less interesting: deleted scenes from Episode Nine: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re here for the actual episode, scroll down or check it out on our episodes page.

There are two clips you’ll see. The first is a scene that was removed from near the beginning of the episode, and the second happens once the folks are comfortably answering phones in the office. Both were largely removed due to concerns about the length of the episode. I know that some of you guys wish every episode was about 2 hours long, but sometimes you can perform addition by subtraction- making sure everything flows well, stays tight, and maintains a strong and fluid pace.

Keep in mind that these are unfinished clips. That means the audio hasn’t been finalized, green screens are still present, and there is no music or ambient sound. Listen closely and you can hear Kerry on the verge of laughter as he performs Leeroy’s last couple of lines.

The Workaholics

The wait is finally over! We now present Episode Nine, “Satisfaction Guaranteed“. Over the last month, we’ve taken some time to look at the next half of season one, and how to help improve on the next batch of episodes. We’ve even started looking forward to the future. I think you guys will like what’s in store down the road for The Leet World, and from Smooth Few Films in general.

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Also- expect lots of extras in the next week or two.