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The Road to Austin

Here is Episode 13 of Web Zeroes, the Season Finale. We do hope you guys enjoy it. It’s definitely a great feeling to be done with yet another season of a Web series we made, the third in just 2 years of doing this. A bit insane, really.

In this episode, the guys attempt to stop Ray from going to his job interview in Austin. There’s some RPG talk, a repeat appearance from a hobo, and a special cameo from the good dudes over at RoosterTeeth. Special thanks to them for taking the time to appear in our silly Web show.

Big props to Jace for this week’s music. I love the RPG feel of a lot of it. There are places that even remind me of Final Fantasy 7, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. Also, a huge thanks to all of our friends who helped us out over the season, and for Alex and Chuck, our sound and camera dudes who gave up their weekends for nothing in return.

Remember to vote for us for the Streamys if you haven’t done so yet. And to watch the episode, just hit the jump.
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The Addict

wowWe now present Episode 9 of Web Zeroes, Intervention. In this episode, Ray gets addicted to World of Warcraft, and Nate and Alex have to go to exotic lengths to bring their friend back to reality.

As many of you who saw the original videos can guess, this is a spin on an old idea. We thought it would be more interesting to see Ray out of his element, since he’s kind of the glue that holds the entire ship together. I think there are some hilarious results.

We’re starting to enter the last leg of the season, which is more than a little wild. In fact, we’ve almost got filmed up through Episode 12, and we’ll be working on Episode 13 (the finale) a little this week in Austin. Web Zeroes really is an entirely different experience from Leet World, one that I’ll have to write more about at a later time.

For now, hit the jump to see the episode!
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Road Trip!

This weekend was kind of awesome. After staying up until 3 AM to release Episode 13, Smooth Few Films grabbed a highway gear and trucked out of Houston on Friday at 9 AM, bound for Austin, land of the wonderful and weird.

Why were we going? Several weeks ago we received an invitation from none other than Rooster Teeth, the creators of Red vs Blue, to come up for a visit in Austin, where their studio is based. We happily obliged.

Once there, we were given a tour of their place, talked machinima, movies and gaming, grabbed some grub and knocked back a few cold ones. I have to say that Rooster Teeth’s reputation of being nice, super-cool guys is spot on, and they were great hosts. As a long time fan of their work, it was cool validation for me that what we’re doing here on this site is worth the late nights and long hours.

Smooth Few Films + RT

I am bound to the obligatory rule of the internet, “pics or it didn’t happen”. Even when that picture makes me, Nick and Daniel look horrendous.

Pictured: Nick, Eddy and Daniel from Smooth Few Films plus Matt, Burnie and Nathan from Rooster Teeth. Not pictured: Jeff, Eddy’s Dignity.

In other equally awesome news, my brother Kerry, who plays Leeroy, graduated college this weekend. Congrats dude.