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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been without Internet for a few days here.

However, I return with some good news. A few weeks ago, we submitted our videos to the Machinima Festival that happens in Novemeber. Well, the results are in: Smooth Few Films has been nominated for several machinima awards!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Day in the Life of a TurretBest Short Format/ Best Music
  • The Bag BoyBest Short Format/ Best Voice Acting/ Best Writing
  • The Leet WorldHonorary Mention, Best Series

I won’t pretend that we’re not disappointed that The Leet World didn’t get an actual nomination for Best Series, seeing as how hard we’ve worked on it, or that it wasn’t recognized for the incredible music that Jace has continually produced for us. Personally, I still can’t think of another series save for Red Vs Blue that devotes as much as we do to characters and story, but to each his own.

All that said, though, we’re excited to be nominated for what we did get nominated for, and hopefully we can take home some kind of award come November, when the winners are announced.

In other news, production is starting on The Leet World, Season 2, and we filmed the next episode of Web Zeroes over the weekend. Stick around, because more things are coming this week, including commentary for Episode 3 of TLW!

The Leet World Podcast, Episode 4

Perhaps the title to this one should have been “It’s about time”. We wanted to do this next installment to the podcast a while back, but we decided that finishing Episode 11 took precedence. I think you guys should really enjoy the wide variety of topics we cover in this edition of The Leet World podcast, clocking in at half an hour. A brief rundown of what you’ll hear:

Our feelings on Episode 11, the original plan for the “hax” storyline, plans for the end of Season One (and future seasons), our summer project, fan questions about zombies, bloopers, how Daniel is Magneto, the origins of Rick-Rolling, The Portal Day, The Bag Boy, Law and Order: Street Justice and two upcoming Leet World fan contests!

Give it a listen, and enjoy. To download, right click the direct link and select “Save As”.


Pics and Previews

We’re hard at work on some great new content- a short, an episode, and various extras- but none of those endeavors are at the point where we can show anything off, really. So instead, I bring more pictures from our weekend of work. A couple are from Episode Ten, and a couple are from our new Halo short.

Speaking of Halo, I forgot just how pretty the 720p capture was until we started doing it again tonight. I love the way it looks.

Bag-Man Bag-Boy

I think you’ll find one of the Episode Ten shots particularly interesting…

O HAI The King