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Christmas Outtakes

Well, I just wanted to wish all you guys a hearty Merry Christmas from the dudes at Smooth Few Films. We’re mostly taking the next week or so off because of the holidays, family and traveling, and so far it’s been particularly epic. I’ve played the junk out of Fable II and Left 4 Dead, and have many more games to get to.

The Christmas Special will go up early next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that. Lots of laughs from The Leet World cast.

And lastly, here’s our Christmas present to you. Audio outtakes from the first two episodes of Season 2. My favorite parts include the many discussions on “pew”, as well as the return of Cortez Cardinal, ace attorney.


Right click the direct link and hit “save as” to download. Enjoy, and have a great holiday!

Weekend Warriors

Been a busy weekend around these parts. Spent some time shooting the third episode of Web Zeroes, which was a good time. Also, Nick and I spent most of the shoot singing Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. By the way, 30 Rock is maybe the funniest show on TV.

Not only have we filmed the next episode of Web Zeroes, we’re finishing out Episode 2 of Season 2 of The Leet World. I’m thinking you guys will enjoy this one, and it certainly feels more like a normal episode after the tumultuous ride in the premiere. Should be up in the next couple of days.

Be sure to watch the Spike Video Game Awards tonight. They’ve been lame in past years, but hopefully they’ll be a little bit better tonight, along with some cool trailers for new games.

Oh, and TheDuoGroup has added a new short. Watch and enjoy the Halo 3 goodness.

Rolling on the Second

We’re incredibly relieved that Season Two has made its debut, after months of planning and a few weeks of diligent production. What was cool about Episode 1 was that it was technically finished last Tuesday, but we were able to spend a couple of days polishing and tweaking some of the edit. Plus, there was that day where we gorged like heifers.

Episode Two rolls onward. Because of our new production method of filming three and four episode chunks, we’re currently in the middle of shooting the third episode while the second is in post. Hot stuff.

I know a few of you are asking about when it’s coming out, but we’re still not sure yet. There are a lot of factors that go into releasing an episode, and getting them all to coincide is like conjuring some exotic spell from a bubbling cauldron. Dumbledore’s wand, etc.

I promised some screenshots from Episode Two, and here they are.

Enjoy. Also, I just added a sweet feature to GamerSushi about gaming’s best guns. FPS for the win. Go check it out!

Season 2 Announcement

So there’s a fun article over at GamerSushi about Valve, Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and how Valve might be the best storytellers in the gaming business. Go read it.

And now on to more important things…

We’re ridiculously close to Season 2 of The Leet World. Stupid close, even. Perhaps burro close, but that could be stretching it. As I’ve said before, whenever no posts are happening on the front page, that means that there’s probably a lot going on in our silly machinima production realm. We’re pounding away at finishing Episode 1, and we’ve even started doing some work on Episode 3 at this point.

There’s also a new commercial from the CT’s for you to watch. Those guys have been getting around lately, doing lots of promotions. Maybe the stress is getting to them? Soon though, they’ll be back in their natural habitat. Video after the jump!

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Title Sequence is Titley

Seriously. Horde mode on Gears of War 2 is ruining my life. And I mean that in the best way possible. Also, I checked out the Left 4 Dead demo, and left some impressions on GamerSushi… I was a little underwhelmed by it, but it was still lots of fun. I mean, it’s Valve, so you know it’s good.

This is basically just a quick update to show you guys a little screen grab from the title sequence Daniel is working on for Season 2 of The Leet World. It features the lovable Westheimer, striking a sexy pose.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and I’d like to remind you how the Web Zeroes title sequence changed from the original screenshot I showed way back when. Anywho, feast your eyes upon it and be teased.

And speaking of Web Zeroes, Episode 2 of that will be up before you know it. Or maybe after. I can never tell. We’re sneaky that way.

Premiere Pics

We appreciate all of the comments on the Season 2 teaser/Halloween message/release announcement thing we put out. Glad you guys are enjoying the ride leading up to the second season. Trust me, we are too. We’ve had some bumps, but now everything is running smoothly. Much thanks to Lord Ned for the assistance with some of my Hammer frustrations.

And while I’m thinking about it, I have some screenshots from Episode 1 of Season 2. Enjoy!

I know that some of you are having problems logging in. That comes from some pretty hardcore caching we’ve got set up on the site- all you need to do is just refresh the page (try it more than once if you need to) and it should help.

There’s a cool new post up on GamerSushi, titled “5 Features That More Shooters Need”. Thought you guys would like it since I mention some Counter-Strike in there.

Also, the dudes over at The Duo Group have just put out a new Gears of War machinima, as well as the guys over at LitFuseFilms. It seemed appropriate to mention these in honor of the hallowed Gears of War 2, which I will be beating like it stole something later this week.