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Themetacular Voting Begins!

A “Happy Memorial Day” is in order, I suppose. I think all weekends should be 3 days long by some kind of new Earth law. Also, all burritos should be at least a foot in length. I’d be good at boss-ing the world.

Our next update will have some tantalizing details about the Season Finale. Also, forecasting a high chance of lulz later this week. On to more immediate matters, though.

The entry deadline for the Themetacular Challenge has now passed and the finalists have been chosen. If you weren’t aware, the Themetacular Challenge is our first official contest, where fans submit original covers of The Leet World theme. The winning entry will be played during the intro of the Season Finale.

Overall, we’re proud of the response we’ve gotten from our community. It was definitely a treat to hear some of the stuff you guys came up with- who knew that so much could be derived from a goofy (but cool) intro themetune?

Read on to hear the finalists and the honorable mentions.

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New Outtakes

So it’s been a pretty cool weekend. Daniel and Nick went to see Jace and a bunch of other friends from college while I stayed home and played tons of GTA IV. We also released our new Halo 3 short, The GunStop Way, which has been received well. While a lot of it is exaggeration, I still found it crazy how many people have apparently had similar experiences with the unnamed video game retailer.

A lot of folks have also been asking about the voice of GunFly. That’s Ty. You’ve heard his voice before in Episodes 9, 11 and 12 of The Leet World.

Here for your enjoyment is a new sampling of our audible screw-ups. Our rule of thumb is that we like to release audio outtakes for every two episodes, simply because one episode wouldn’t provide enough material to produce something worthwhile. Even though Episode 11 didn’t have much dialogue, Episode 12 more than made up for it. It seems the extra time in the booth can give a man a taste of closet fever.

How bad is the fever? You’ll just have to listen and find out. Right-click and select “save as” to download.


More filming tonight. An Episode 13 update is coming in the near future.