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Trailer Goodies

And now, a brief peek at Episode Six. The episode will be out sometime next week. I must say, it’s refreshing to be back in Militia.

Get your hard hats on.

Such a Tease

Sounds like something Montrose would say, no? As is becoming a custom around here, we are now delivering to you all the teaser for Episode Five of The Leet World. As you may have guessed, some traveling looks to be going on in this next episode, and we think you’ll enjoy the results. It’ll be released next week! There are a few audio glitches here and there, but don’t worry, they’ll be fixed by release.

Watch at your heart’s content.

A Sneak Peek

Since it’s been a few days without any kind of tangible proof that Episode Four is actually coming, we thought we’d give you guys a trailer for it. Hope you enjoy. Should be out sometime next week. Hopefully, there will also be more activity on our server in the coming days- my Steam decided to break so I haven’t been able to play. Soon, though. Soon.

Interviewz and Serverz

Just thought I’d share with everyone that we’re featured on an interview over at the website of the smokin’ CSS team “compLexity”. If you don’t know who they are, they are kind of awesome. It’s a fun little interview where we talk about the show, our background, the future of SFF, and maybe even a couple of hints for our fans.


The Leet World Interview

In other news, we now have a Dallas-based CSS server for The Leet World, come check it out! Still trying to work out some of the kinks, so if it restarts once or twice during the weekend, forgive us. We’d love to see some of you dudes there. Though we’re not very good.

A short preview…

Well, Episode Three is currently underway, and should be released next week. We’re pretty pumped about this one, because it leads directly into Episode Four, which is going to be Ah-Maze-Zing (we hope). In other news, we are being featured on a cool gaming and videos website called GamingTv, so go check out their content.

And below is a trailer for Episode Three. Enjoy.