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Pics and Previews

We’re hard at work on some great new content- a short, an episode, and various extras- but none of those endeavors are at the point where we can show anything off, really. So instead, I bring more pictures from our weekend of work. A couple are from Episode Ten, and a couple are from our new Halo short.

Speaking of Halo, I forgot just how pretty the 720p capture was until we started doing it again tonight. I love the way it looks.

Bag-Man Bag-Boy

I think you’ll find one of the Episode Ten shots particularly interesting…

O HAI The King

You, You Got What I Need

Things have been going well with the release of “The Over-Achiever”! If you’re here for it, just scroll down.

But now, on to our pride and joy, The Leet World- the release of Episode Eight is upon us- it’ll be here in the next day or two, so “get your popcorn ready”, to quote the lovable Mr. Owens. It’s actually going to be the biggest episode yet (clocking in at around 12 minutes as of now), so get your bandwidth ready, too.  Remember, we’ll be taking a short break from making actual episodes of the show once Episode Eight is released, but there will be some great post-Christmas presents for you guys!

One other thing- so far, things are going well with the Ziddio contest we entered (using our Halo 3 video)- but we still need more votes! The winner of this contest gets some nifty prizes, including some great opportunities to show your videos to more and more people.

It would really help us out if you would take the time to go vote. All you have to do is register at Ziddio.com, and then click here to go to our video, and give it a good rating! We’re not asking you all to make multiple accounts or down-vote other videos or anything, so please don’t do that- giving us a good vote will be more than enough to do your part.

Update Time!

Well, we are still hard at work on Episode Eight. And when I say hard, I mean it. This week was the most rigorous week we’ve had as far as Smooth Few Films goes, so it’s been pretty nuts. While we’re not keen on giving out release dates (any number of things can cause a delay when working on an episode), it should be here at some point next week. We’ll give you more when we have a better idea.

There won’t be reason to stop showing up, though, because our Halo short will be up in the next day or two! This is pretty exciting for us, and we think that you guys should enjoy it. Now if you’re wondering to yourself “What? Why have they been doing this Halo thing instead of TLW”, it’s because we are submitting it to a contest that ends this week. In addition to that, this realistically delayed the release of Episode Eight by less than a day, because it was worked on at points when all 3 of us could not be together to film TLW stuff. So no worries.

In the meantime, here’s some notable gaming news from the last few days: Companion Cubes are on Sale, Crysis Rocks Trip Vid Cards, A Bajillion in the Warhammer Beta, Big Damn NES Controllers/PC’s are Awesome, and New Fixes and Maps are Coming to TF2!

Edit:  Companion cubes are already sold out!  Guess I’m not the only one who needs a fuzzy friend.

Super Fun Screenshot Day

Here are some more screenshots from Episode Eight. The more we film it the more we’re realizing just how gigantic this episode is. Fun stuff.

Ahmad in the middle… There he is! Back in the woodshed

Also, a couple of small peeks at our Halo 3 short. Last night was our first time filming in the Halo 3 engine, and it’s fairly interesting to try and apply our methods in another “location”. Some of the stuff that works in TLW didn’t work here, and in some ways it’s easier. We’re pretty happy with how it looks, though. Capturing at 720p is hot.

The Over-Achiever The friendly strangers

More on that project soon, but not today. Just screenies today. Enjoy!

Survey says…

Some news…

Episode Six trailer: coming soon. And I would underline soon, but I don’t feel like it.

We’re doing another podcast, shortly after the release of the sixth episode. There’s a topic going on in our forums, but I thought I would post it here, too- if you have something you’d like us to discuss regarding the show, let us know. We won’t get to every topic, and for time’s sake, we’ll pick the most interesting ones, but we’d love to talk about what you guys want to hear about.

Also, in gaming this week: Daddy/daughter Bioshock routine, Luigi is unlockable in Mario Galaxies, Metal Gear Solid 4 is delayed, and a kid punched his mom over Halo 3.

Those are all links bee tee dubya.

Dust Busters

Well, I know it’s been a long wait, but “Episode Four: Dust 2 Dust” is finally here. This episode took a little longer for several reasons: 1) Daniel was out of town for a week, 2) one of our computers (mine) no longer runs Steam, so we’re down an “actor”, and 3) we wanted this episode to be the best it could be, so we pushed it back a couple of days to continue to work on it. Typically, we will be releasing every two weeks, and this last wait (which was three weeks plus a few days) will be about as long as they come.

The end result of all of that is an episode we’ve worked pretty hard on, so we hope that you all enjoy it. Anyone that’s played a match of CSS (or any online game for that matter) should get a kick out of it.

Also, Halo 3 had very little to do with the delay. Although, it held up our music a little. Just a little.