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Shutting Down the WOPR

How about a nice game of chess?

Wow. What a crazy weekend.

As you are no doubt keenly aware, our server got- well- served. Thoroughly. “A Day in the Life of a Turret” has been a huge success, to say the least.  I guess people like them some Portal videos.

Much thanks to Digg, Kotaku, Joystiq, Destructoid, 1Up, Next-Gen, XBox 360 Fanboy, and all the others that pushed massive traffic (read: tens of thousands) to our humble abode, whose walls could not withstand the battering ram of the insatiable, tentacle-ey interweb.

Now that things have slowed down, we are re-hosting what will be forever known around Smooth Few Films as the video. There are a few places to find it.

Click here to see the download links. An Ipod version will appear soon.

GamingTV has kindly hosted some mirrors for us. GamingTV Mirrors!

Expect the Damn Dangerous song to appear on our site tomorrow!

As promised, here are the first screenshots from Episode Nine of The Leet World. Obviously, we’re not going to give much away, though there is a small revelation about the setting. Enjoy!

Nice hat. Phone-ing. Strategery.

Best Laid Plans…

All is still going well on the production of Episode Eight. I’ve even brought some screenshots, as an early holiday gift. I’m pretty generous like that. If you couldn’t tell from the last episode, there will be some major poo going down.

Episode Eight will be our mid-season “finale”, marking the halfway point of our first season of The Leet World. We’ll be taking a break after its release for about a month or so, in order to gear up for the second half of the season and really do some solid work for the next batch of episodes. In that time that we take off, there will still be a lot to keep you guys coming back though, so don’t worry. There will be plenty of extras (a Christmas present, perhaps?), as well as a look into some other things that we’re getting our hands in right now, including an upcoming Halo 3 short. That break should give you guys plenty to look forward to as far as the show goes, that’s for sure.

A Confrontation On the Hunt A Message

Enjoy, feel free to speculate, and please donate!

Ep Seven Screenies

We are still working on getting better versions up of Episode Six. It’s odd that some people seem to be having problems with the downloadable versions, while it’s completely fine for others. There’s a highly technical term for this phenomenon: gremlins.

Work has begun on the filming of Episode Seven, so I thought I’d post just a couple of screenshots for you guys. I think you’ll find one rather interesting…

I r t3h nub! No sign…

Enjoy, and please donate.


I promised a treat for everyone that continued to check our website. And that treat is now.

One of our goals for The Leet World is to be a site that is constantly delivering content. Sometimes that will be just through updating our blog, but we think that’s a little boring. I’m talking about things like screenshots, behind-the-scenes footage, special videos, and even audio outtakes, which is what I’m posting right now.

Now, as I said before, this is just a nice little treat for you guys- it probably won’t happen every episode. But, rest assured, if you come check this page out a couple of times a week, you’ll always have something to look forward to.

So, if it tickles your fancy (and if it tickles anything else I don’t want to know), check out our Episode One audio outtakes:


Leave comments or discuss it in the forums, if you like. Enjoy!