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Working for the Weekend

Well, not really. The weird thing about this episode is that we actually can’t film during the weekends this month. That means that we’ve acted like real people the last few Saturdays instead of horrid, slobbering cave trolls slaving over PC’s. Typically, our shooting schedule revolves around Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday filming, but due to some out-of-town trips and things called “jobs”, we haven’t been able to.

The goods news is that despite it all, we’re nearly done filming the episode, which means we’re one step closer to its release. As always, I’d love to give you guys a date on when you’ll see it, but any number of factors can affect the timing, so I don’t want you to think of me as a dirty liar. I mean, I am one (though not as big as Nick), but I don’t want you thinking of me like that nonetheless.

While there’s mostly good news to report, I do have to say that there won’t be a character bio this week. I’m not one to make excuses, but my only free night to write it was kind of my wedding anniversary. Slightly more important. They’ll be back next week.

To make up for it, I brought screenshots. Enjoy.

Screenie04 Screenie05 Screenie06

I would also like to remind everyone that the Themetacular Challenge is still ongoing, and will be ending soon. Remember, you don’t have to do The Leet World theme song exactly the same. Change the chords and the arrangement if you like, make it your own, make it different. We take creativity and nom it.

EDIT: We’re extending the contest until May 19th. We have some amazing entries, so be creative and don’t just do the song exactly the same. You don’t have to use Jace’s vocals if you don’t want. You can make it country, hip-hop, whatever floats your boat. Just be creative! If you feel like you want to resubmit based on that rule and you’ve already entered, you have a free pass to send one more back in.

House Cleaning

So today we knocked a big chunk of filming for Episode Thirteen out of the park, claiming it as our property in celebration not unlike a young boy named Stephen once did. Yes, there was some collective Smooth Few Films squatting. Maybe one of the least problems-free days in our short history of production.

Nick upgraded the “camera” computer that we use to film the show, complete with an 8800 GT. Needless to say, our characters are colorful and smooth and it definitely enhances the look of everything. I even brought some screenshots to prove it.

The Interrogation. T3h RIVAR Delegation

Pretty nice, eh? In case you guys haven’t been around, a lot went down the last two weeks. I’ve put together a list of some important posts to make it easier to navigate.

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Dirty Dozen: Episode 12 Screenshots

It’s so bizarre to be working on our 12th episode. So far, Episode Twelve isn’t quite the three-headed dogbeast we imagined it would be. I think we always forget how much easier a regular episode is in comparison to something like a challenge episode.

If you haven’t seen the Themetacular Contest rules yet, I’d advise you to check them out. Remember, we don’t want to just hear you guys trying your best to imitate Damn Dangerous- get creative, go all out, make the song your own, change the style- the more distinct, the better.

Here are some screenshots from Episode Twelve to satiate The Leet World appetite, if only temporarily. Over the weekend, we’re going to start adding some really cool new content to the website. A virtual nerdery for those of you obsessed with really digging into that kind of stuff. Should be fun.

Sneaky Style Secret Gathering Confrontation

Smooth Few Films in the Press

Apparently, we were recently mentioned on GamesRadar as the number two Halo 3 Machinima directors on the web. It’s a great review, and they have a lot of cool things to say about our work in the Halo engine. It seems that if we had done more, we might have snagged first place. To check out the article and see some other cool Halo stuff, read up on it at the Machinima Academy Awards. They even mention The Leet World series. It’s fun to see this kind of press, especially considering that Smooth Few Films was also mentioned in the April issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly for “A Day in the Life of a Turret”. Much thanks to the 1Up crew for that nod.

We are still toiling mightily on Episode Eleven, making a Herculean effort to get it out as soon as possible. There’s a delicate balance between working efficiently, quickly, but not rushing it to the point that you’re hurting the end product. So far, we’re happy with where the episode sits, and we’re nearing the finish line.

As always, we’ll let you know when we’re on the “eve” of release- we’ll be there any day now. Below are a few more screenshots from the episode.

In the Darkness Surprise Attack Hallway Shootout

More extras are on the way as well, including a little message from a couple of your beloved characters. Stay tuned!

Edit: Apparently, we were also noted in the UK PC Gamer. Thanks for the heads up guys!

The SFF Album

This post is more like an album than a post, in that it is supplied with many pictarz. What is so interesting about these pictures? Well, the first set is a few nifty shots from Episode Eleven, complete with some nice teases. Take a gander:

Terrorist Talk, with our host Cortez The encounter. Waiting in the dark.

These next shots are to show you a little about the process that goes behind The Leet World. If you didn’t know– Nick, Daniel, and myself are the three that put this show together. We meet up a few times a week in a room filled with computers (6 to be exact) and make this series at your urging whip cracks, shouts, threats and demands.

It’s not a glamorous ordeal by any means. In fact, if you were with us while we filmed, edited, etc, you would probably find yourself bored to tears. But nonetheless, here is a behind-the-scenes view at Smooth Few Films.

In the first three shots below, you can see 3 of our “actor” computers, which we use as characters in the scene. Picture two shows Daniel and Nick setting up a shot, and the third shows me and Nick pretending to be friends. Nick’s not a great actor. The last three are just more shots of us doing our thing.

The set-up. Daniel and Nick previewing a shot. Eddy and Nick pretend to be friends.

Nick in a rare moment- happiness. Daniel and Nick review the script and shot sheet. Eddy with a “storyboard”.

More fun extras coming soon!

Down the Tracks

A close look at the first screenshots from Episode Eleven will more than likely reveal the location of the next challenge. Thought you guys might like the answer to that particular question. We’ve been excited about this episode for awhile, and we really think you guys will have fun with it. From our website statistics, it’s apparent that Episodes 4 and 8 are the most viewed, and we’re guessing it’s because of all the shooting and explosions. Rest assured, you will have plenty of those in our next installment.

Screenshots are below.

T3h leakz Tattling Spawn schemes

Video game news from the webz: LitFuse Films releases their new short, Valve shows off Left 4 Dead, the April Fools “Lego Halo” game, Team Fortress 2 is updated, and the coolest website ever- a list of the top 100 NES games– click on one and you can play it in your browser!

The Writing Process

It seems the trailer has put people in a bit of a frenzy. Always nice.

In case you’re unaware (meaning that you didn’t pay attention to the credits), Episode Nine had a guest writer: our long-time friend and excellent webmaster, Jeff (unsquare for those of you on the forums). I typically write out the scripts for each episode, which can be a tiring process over the course of a season- so I was definitely excited when Jeff started showing an interest in writing an episode for us a few months ago. He’s one of the more talented writers I know, so that was certainly a bonus, too.

Anywho, Jeff has written an article about the process of writing the episode for us, and I must say it’s a good read, especially for those of you who are interested in how the show is put together. Read it: Jeff’s article about The Leet World.

On another note, please don’t start sending us scripts for episodes of The Leet World- we’re fine, thanks.

More updates: 1)Two more screenshots of Episode Ten can be viewed below. 2)The Halo short should be here in the next couple of days.

Cortez, listen… The Elf Kingdom

Pics and Previews

We’re hard at work on some great new content- a short, an episode, and various extras- but none of those endeavors are at the point where we can show anything off, really. So instead, I bring more pictures from our weekend of work. A couple are from Episode Ten, and a couple are from our new Halo short.

Speaking of Halo, I forgot just how pretty the 720p capture was until we started doing it again tonight. I love the way it looks.

Bag-Man Bag-Boy

I think you’ll find one of the Episode Ten shots particularly interesting…

O HAI The King

Back in the Saddle

Filming for Episode Ten has begun as of this week and so far things are on schedule. It’s nice to be back in the habit of making the show after so long away from it. Over the break we had a chance to iron out some plot issues, and figure out some things that worked and didn’t work as far as our pacing went for the first half of the season. I think the end result will be that this half feels smoother, more concise, and just better. Here are some screenshots from Episode Ten:

Underground Meeting Stalking Prey If You Build It

Stay tuned for more extras that you won’t want to miss. There might even be a new short waiting around the corner…

Also, check out our official Steam Community Group and join! I don’t know why I’ve never posted on the site about it before, so forgive me for being a moron.

“Wait” Problem

The long wait is almost over. Episode Nine of The Leet World releases next week! As always, we’re not going to commit to a specific date- but it will be here next week for sure. All of the sweaty palms, fingernail biting, and general fretting will finally be over as you see what becomes of your favorite characters in the next half of Season One. And trust me, we’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for this half.

I figured I’d bring you guys a couple more screenshots to help satiate your appetite, even if just slightly. Also- there might be another special preview of Episode Nine during the weekend. Just saying.

The Break Room Spotlight on Ellis

If you’re interested, here is some rad gaming news from around the internetz: EA Calls Fox Out (this story is so full of drama, I love it), Super Mario 2 is better with drums, a date for GTA IV, kids teabagging kids, and the Wii is set to dominate the Cube.