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The Most Wonderful Time…

e3I think E3 week is probably one of the coolest times of the year. It’s like Christmas, but for nerds. If you’re unaware or have been living under Nick’s beard, E3 is a massive video game expo that happens around June. There’s nothing like hearing all the gaming news and announcements such as Left 4 Dead 2, Halo: Reach and then some. If you aren’t aware of what you missed today, you should definitely go catch up.

In other news, the next post on this fair site will be the long-awaited Episode 10 of Season 2. The Leet World’s got a few watershed episodes, and I believe this to be one of them. I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Don’t punch yourself waiting for it, though.

Daniel’s out of town for the next few weeks or so, but Nick has been busy editing while I move forward on Episode 11 assets. In the meantime, here are some last-minute screenshots of Episode 10 to hold you over until the big release.

tlw210screen4 tlw210screen5 tlw210screen6

You have been teased.

Battle Royale

bruce-willisIf you follow us on twitter, then you’d know that Episode 10 is shaping up to be a beast of a different sort. Imagine a hulking brute that spits acid and isn’t intimidated by Nick’s beard and then you know what you’re dealing with. It is unruly and grotesque. In a good way.

Anywho, part of the reason for this is that it has quite a humongous action sequence in it, and before I get carried away with superlatives, I will just say that it might own you. We’re big fans of action films (if you can’t tell), so this is always a treat for us. By the way, the picture is from Die Hard, so if you haven’t seen it, I might ban you. Welcome to the party, pal.

Here are some screenshots from Episode 10. I had to work very hard to find ones that don’t give anything away. There’s just way too much to spoil.

tlw210screen1 tlw210screen2 tlw210screen3

Hope you enjoy the tease.

The Nine

Thanks for the responses to Episode 8, Hide and Sneak. Episode 9 will be out next week, and is about to enter the editing process via the bearded one himself, Nick. We’re spending a lot more time putting the finishing touches on our episodes this season, and I really think it’s shown so far. While he works on that, Daniel and I will be tag-teaming Episode 10, WWE style. There will be dropkicks, sirs.

The next few episodes dish out equal parts intrigue and answers. It might rule a little. Or at least, that’s the hope. Anywho, here are some screenshots from the next episode, “Stranger in the House”. Enjoy!

tlw209screen1 tlw209screen2 tlw209screen3

Also, the Houston Rockets and Star Trek are totally going to interfere with TLW this weekend, somehow. But I’m ok with that. Who else is seeing the movie?


eightProduction on Season 2, Episode 8 is rolling along pretty smoothly. It’s always funny when we do a big monster episode like Tempest and then things settle down a bit, making the episode much easier to film. The episode itself is going to be a shorter one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not chock full of goodness.

Sometime in the next few days you should expect some outtakes from Episodes 5-7. They will contain a couple of rofls, I hope. While we have gotten better about recording our stuff without many goof-ups, it’s three episodes worth of content, so it should balance out.

Also, here are some screenshots from Episode 8 for you to chew on.

Player's Trek Sleeping Amigo Authority Challenged


Even Darker Nights

hype-train1Episode 7 should be gracing your monitors at some point next week, and we couldn’t be more excited. I’m not trying to get the hype train going overboard or anything, but I’ll admit that I’ve been looking forward to this episode since we started working on the season. When you’re working on a long term project like this, it takes a Herculean effort to not get ahead of yourself when you’ve got cool things down the road. I think we’ve done a decent job of it so far.

Anywho, some surprises are in store for the cast (and you dudes) in Episode 7, to say the least. You might pick up on one or two through the screenshots, or maybe there’s nothing there at all and I just want to make your brains hurt. Both of these things are possible.

tlw207_screenshot1 tlw207_screenshot2 tlw207_screenshot3


Storm’s Coming

stormThanks for all the comments on Episode 5. Like I’ve said before, we’re really getting into the swing of things this season. It is getting rather served, as some friendly folks are wont to say.

The story is just starting to get to the good stuff. Two more episodes, and we’ll be sitting on the half way mark of the season. How I wish you dudes knew what was marching relentlessly towards you…

I’ve been playing the junk out of Civilization Revolution lately. For a console RTS, the controls aren’t bad, and it’s actually surprisingly fun. Also, for those of you that played Mass Effect, there is a sequel coming, and the teaser rules.

The last episode ended on a bit of an ominous note. The storm is coming, and we’ve even got a few screenshots to prove it.

tlw206screen01 tlw206screen02 tlw206screen03


The Body Count

We’re happy with Episode Three. Challenge episodes are always interesting because you never quite know how the action’s going to turn out until it all cuts together. It seems many of you enjoyed it however, so thanks for the awesome responses. If you think things are nuts so far, just wait until you see where this season goes.

I have a new favorite topic on our forums right now. Poster “Tigerking” put together a list of how many kills each TLW character has racked up over the course of the show. I’m sure it took him quite a bit of time to come up with his final numbers, and it’s pretty darn impressive. It’s also a good glimpse into the skill levels that we’ve given to each of our characters, because believe me, we really are intentional about when each of them gets a chance to own somebody. So please do yourself a favor and check out the TLW Body Count.

Also, I bring gifts in the form of screenshots from Episode 4. I wanted to bring candy and/or enchiladas, but these tubes that make up the Internet are of an unsettling restrictive nature.

tlw204screenshot1 tlw204screenshot2 tlw204screenshot3

There. It’s not food, but it’ll have to do.

Rolling on the Second

We’re incredibly relieved that Season Two has made its debut, after months of planning and a few weeks of diligent production. What was cool about Episode 1 was that it was technically finished last Tuesday, but we were able to spend a couple of days polishing and tweaking some of the edit. Plus, there was that day where we gorged like heifers.

Episode Two rolls onward. Because of our new production method of filming three and four episode chunks, we’re currently in the middle of shooting the third episode while the second is in post. Hot stuff.

I know a few of you are asking about when it’s coming out, but we’re still not sure yet. There are a lot of factors that go into releasing an episode, and getting them all to coincide is like conjuring some exotic spell from a bubbling cauldron. Dumbledore’s wand, etc.

I promised some screenshots from Episode Two, and here they are.

Enjoy. Also, I just added a sweet feature to GamerSushi about gaming’s best guns. FPS for the win. Go check it out!

Title Sequence is Titley

Seriously. Horde mode on Gears of War 2 is ruining my life. And I mean that in the best way possible. Also, I checked out the Left 4 Dead demo, and left some impressions on GamerSushi… I was a little underwhelmed by it, but it was still lots of fun. I mean, it’s Valve, so you know it’s good.

This is basically just a quick update to show you guys a little screen grab from the title sequence Daniel is working on for Season 2 of The Leet World. It features the lovable Westheimer, striking a sexy pose.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress, and I’d like to remind you how the Web Zeroes title sequence changed from the original screenshot I showed way back when. Anywho, feast your eyes upon it and be teased.

And speaking of Web Zeroes, Episode 2 of that will be up before you know it. Or maybe after. I can never tell. We’re sneaky that way.

Premiere Pics

We appreciate all of the comments on the Season 2 teaser/Halloween message/release announcement thing we put out. Glad you guys are enjoying the ride leading up to the second season. Trust me, we are too. We’ve had some bumps, but now everything is running smoothly. Much thanks to Lord Ned for the assistance with some of my Hammer frustrations.

And while I’m thinking about it, I have some screenshots from Episode 1 of Season 2. Enjoy!

I know that some of you are having problems logging in. That comes from some pretty hardcore caching we’ve got set up on the site- all you need to do is just refresh the page (try it more than once if you need to) and it should help.

There’s a cool new post up on GamerSushi, titled “5 Features That More Shooters Need”. Thought you guys would like it since I mention some Counter-Strike in there.

Also, the dudes over at The Duo Group have just put out a new Gears of War machinima, as well as the guys over at LitFuseFilms. It seemed appropriate to mention these in honor of the hallowed Gears of War 2, which I will be beating like it stole something later this week.