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Heroes of Time

TriforceIt’s quest time, fools. We now present Episode 21 of Web Zeroes, Triforcers. In it, the guys are trying to assemble Amy, Bobby King, and the Hobo, or the three pieces of the Triforce, in order to fulfill their contracts with Revision3.

I’m very proud of this episode, and think it easily ranks among some of our funniest work. Really, the opening teaser is maybe the most accurate portrayal of me, Nick and Daniel’s friendship that’s been on screen yet. Similar conversations happen almost daily. As always, Jace kind of dominated the music stuff, and deserves muchos applausos. That means lots of clapping, for our non-Spanish speaking friends.

Hopefully you guys agree with me, and enjoy all of the Legend of Zelda references. Hit the jump to see the episode, dudes.
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King of Contracts

Bobby KingAh, it’s good to be back. After a two week break, we now present to you Episode 20 of Web Zeroes, The Negotiator. In this edition of our Web show, the guys are working on a deal with Revision3 to secure their very own show. And who do they let work his negotiating magic? None other than the king of everything himself, Mr. Bobby King. You probably know how that goes down.

This sets the stage for the rest of the season, which is getting a bit more hectic to film, as you’ll see in the coming weeks. If I could give Jace Ford all of the props (who wants to be given actual props, anyway) in the world for his music this week, I would do so. Additionally, much thanks to the Revision3 folks who appeared in this episode. They are actually some of my favorite bits in it.

In other news, be sure to check out yesterday’s post for some cool personal things we’re working on. As for now, you know the drill: hit the jump to see the episode!
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A Personal Touch

Just giving a quick update that Web Zeroes does in fact resume tomorrow, May 19th. The episode is titled “The Negotiator”, and picks the story up pretty quickly. Looking forward to you guys seeing it as we wrap up the second half of the season.

I wanted to do a little personal promoting here. Firstly, I have a new website over at EddyRivas.com. It’s a personal blog, with bits more of my ramblings and some of my own writing, including a brief rundown of my novel. Nick built it, so if any of you are looking to hire a man to a build a Web site, the bearded one is the one to do it.

In addition, Daniel made a video for the company I work for. He is good at the videos. You should give it a watch, because it stars me. Also, it is about high-speed Internet.

A Late Spring Break

BeachThe horse picture has nothing to do with the post, but came up as one of the top results for “beach” on Google, which gave me a hearty lulz. So, there you have it.

As I mentioned last week, we are actually on something of a late Spring Break from releasing Web Zeroes for the next couple of weeks. That’s not to say we aren’t still working on the show, which we totally are. So it’s not really much of a real break. How lame is that? Regardless of the nature of the break’s lameness, the show will resume on its normal release format on May 19th, so hold on to your butts until that moment.

I say that things are “wild” all the time, so I’m trying to expand my vocabulary in that regard a bit, but it’s shocking that we’re half way through the second season. We’re looking forward to getting the rest of it shot and delivered. It gets way more meta. Some won’t like that, I don’t think, but we are fans of meta things. Hell, Chet was always Meta Guy in Leet World.

In other random SFF related news, you may have missed the fact that we run a pretty awesome video game Web site known as GamerSushi. We’ve got a cool community over there, so come swing by. We just released our first podcast, too, which features SFF dudes Nick, JJ and myself. Go check it out.

You also might have missed Daniel’s appearance on Film Riot, another Revision3 show about film production and techniques. We shoot Web Zeroes on a Canon 7D DSLR. If you’re unaware, DSLR filmmaking is kind of a hot topic right now, as it enables people to shoot high quality projects for a relatively low budget. Daniel gives a pretty cool breakdown of how we do our audio process for the show, so it’s a nice behind-the-scenes look at Web Zeroes, if you’re interested. Daniel appears at the 6:40 mark.


Hobo SoupWell, it’s a tad later than normal, but Episode 18 of Web Zeroes, Hobo Day, is up and available for your scrutiny and Molotov cocktails. No, it is not about overgrown Hobo Spiders, but boy do I wish that were true.

In this episode, the dudes get themselves an intern in the form of Kegger AKA the Hobo AKA Vincent Merriweather III, Esq. He, of course, is a hard working and very creative individual that will no doubt help them in their endeavors to do something meaningful and worthwhile on the Internet. Why would anyone think any differently?

Anyway, time for the weekly shout-out: this episode was written yet again by our Webmaster, JJ, so send praises in his general direction after you have watched and partaken in lulz. Also, if you hate it, blame him. Or Daniel.

To watch the ep, just hit the jump. You don’t have to, but you want to. Right?
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Lurking Under Bridges

We come to another Wednesday, which means that it’s time for a new Web Zeroes. I’ll keep this brief because I’m running a fever and feel like that triceratops in Jurassic Park.

Episode 17 of Web Zeroes, The Troll, is now up for you guys to watch. In this episode, we see what happens when the guys start to collect an online community, and the inevitable trolling that will no doubt occur. Also, Nate deals with his feelings for Amy.

Personally, I think this episode really shows off how much we’re starting to settle in to the making of this show, on every side. It was finely penned by our Web master JJ, who did a fantastic job. Mad props again to Jace, who is making me run out of ways to say that the music each episode makes me a happy gringo. Also, happy birthday to Daniel today. He is like eleventy years old. Wish him a good one.

To watch the ep, hit the jump. Or don’t, if you feel like being belligerent.
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Hello Ladies

Beatles FansWe now present to you fine lads and lasses Web Zeroes Episode 15. Its official title, as we shared earlier this week, is The Red Headed Menace, or as our good Spaniard friends like Cortez would say, “La Amenaza Pelirroja”. Who is the particular menace in question? You’ll have to watch to find out. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not a lame Star Wars prequel.

In this episode, we see the guys tweaking Mulligan’s viral formula as a result of their recent legal debacles. The conclusion that they come to has a potential for great lulz and also some win. Or fail, I suppose. Anyway, a big thanks as always to Alex our sound dude and Jace Ford our resident rock star. Also, the dozens of lady extras that came out to be a part of the episode.

Hit the jump to give it a watch.
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On Future Menacing and Social Media

I just wanted to write a quick update to say thanks to everyone for the comments you left and e-mails you sent about Episode 14 of Web Zeroes. We were really excited to finally get it out for everyone to see, and I think the things we learned over the course of Season 1 really showed. Not to toot our collective horns or anything. We do that enough to each other. This paragraph is getting progressively stranger and more full of innuendo. That’s what she said.

Episode 15 will be out on Wednesday (for us North Americanos, at least), and is titled The Red Headed Menace. It’s got some cool stuff in it: some beards, some chicks and a cowboy hat. Oh, and a game that involves shocking.

While I had your attention for a second, I wanted to direct you guys to a few places you may or may not know about. If you didn’t know, we’ve got ourselves quite a slew of social media handles going on at the moment. If you’re interested, here’s a bit of a link farm:

Smooth Few Films
SFF Twitter
SFF on Facebook

Web Zeroes
WZ Twitter
WZ on Facebook

Also, you may not know that we run a video game Web site in addition to this one, called GamerSushi. It’s a pretty cool place with some great discussions and cool people. Come hang out, follow GS on Twitter or fan GS on Facebook.

The Season Premiere

AvatarHere is Episode 14 of Web Zeroes, and the start of Season 2, Going Viral. In it, we find out the fate of Ray and the guys, and what is next on the docket in their attempts to be Web famous. It might involve something you all are familiar with. Or not. Plus, there are Avatar jokes.

Whereas last season took a few episodes to launch us into the story proper, we’re getting things going right off the bat this time around. And it only gets more ridiculous from there. Also, I’d like to point out that a couple of cast members appear shirtless and/or pantless in this kick-off, so yeah, it’s a party. Take off your pants too, if you want. We’re not here to judge. Well, maybe I am.

Special thanks to RoosterTeeth for appearing in our goofy show again. And much thanks to Jace and Alex for wrangling the music and sound over the weekend. They are wranglers of the finest sort, and they also work for free, so that’s cool.

To watch the episode or spew burning magma flames at us, hit the jump.
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Maybe We Steal

Maybe I Steal?Web Zeroes Season 2 is debuting this upcoming Wednesday, March 24th, which I’m hoping you guys have gathered courtesy of the last couple of blog posts. The first episode picks up a bit after the finale of Season 1, showing some of the aftermath of that episode’s zaniness. And it only gets weirder from there.

As I’ve said a million times, we can’t wait for this debut. I think all around, we learned a lot from last season, and really started to hit our stride in the second half. I’d like to think we’re not only picking up the story where we left it off, but the pace and tone of the show as well. Also, I love the look of the new camera. Kind of sweet. Hopefully all of you will agree.

This blog post’s title is borrowed from one of our favorite Leet World quotes, which is something that I’ve been thinking about ever since this awesome trailer that we linked last week. While it may seem a bit vain of us, we are quite fond of quoting our own material. I’m guessing that some of the stuff we like to joke around about differs from some of the things you guys do, so I thought I’d find out.

There are plenty more to add to this list at a later date, but here are some of our favorite quotes/moments…

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